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United Airlines

United Airlines

United Airlines Seeking More Help From Government Due To The Enormous Loss of $2.11 Billion

United Airlines announced on Monday that it lost $2.1 billion in the first three months this year, its biggest decline since 2008, as the ongoing global health disaster has crippled travel demand to its worst level in decades.

Chicago Flight to Hong Kong Diverted.

Chicago Flight to Hong Kong Diverted Because of 'Unruly Passenger,' no Injuries Reported

United Airlines has said that the behavior of an "unruly passenger" caused the sudden diversion of a Hong Kong-bound flight from Chicago on Sunday. The incident occurred after the flight was in the air for nearly 12 hours.

United Airlines Grounds All Flights Worldwide After Computer Glitch

United Airlines Introduces Non-Stop Flight From San Francisco to Hangzhou

United Airlines launched a three-times-a-week, non-stop service from San Francisco, USA, to the southeast Chinese city of Hangzhou, on Wednesday, July 13, marking the airline's fifth city in mainland China and 14th in the Asia/Pacific region.

United Airlines

U.S. Airline to Award Hackers for Finding Hidden Bugs

In an effort to uncover security flaws, United Airlines is offering computer experts with the chance to fly for free.

United Airlines

United Airlines Flight Turns Back After Unruly Passenger Screamed "Jihad"

A United Airlines flight took a u-turn in mid-air Monday, after a rowdy passenger stormed the cockpit screaming "jihad, jihad!".

United Airlines United Flight 869

United Airlines Fires 13 Staff Who Refused To Fly Due To 'Disturbing' Drawing

United Airlines booted 13 flight attendants who refused to fly from San Francisco International Airport to Hong Kong in summer last year upon discovering a "disturbing" drawing at the tail of the airplane.


United Airlines, Orbitz Sue Owner Of, a site capable of finding "hidden city" ticketing, has been sued by United Airlines.

United Airlines

United Airlines to Add Wi-Fi, In-Flight Entertainment to Regional Jets

United Airlines announced Wednesday that it will be adding Wi-Fi service and video streaming in 200 of its bigger regional jets, which flies or is flown by the United Express, from late 2014 till early 2015.

United Airlines

United Airlines Turns Attention to Time and Technology Upgrades

A gloomy start of the year has prompted United Airlines to work out better on-time rates. United's arch income officer, Jim Compton, announced during an aviation gathering that the company will be taking on a new approach to planes and airports removing 50-seat informal jets from its lineup.

United Airlines

United Airlines Offers Buyout Packages Of Up To $100,000 For Flight Attendants

United Airlines offers flight attendants $100,000 in voluntary buyout

Knee Defender

'Knee Defender' Incites Air Rage, Causes United Airlines Flight to Deviate to Chicago

A United Airlines flight was delayed after an argument between two passengers broke out on Sunday because of a $22 gadget that inhibits airline seats from reclining.

Air China

Air China Opens New Beijing-Washington Route

Air China announces opening a new flight from Beijing to Washington, flying four times a week.

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