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University of Tokyo

New era

Game Changing Japanese Mini-rocket Fails First Launch; Promise of Cheaper Flights Remains

The cost of building the rocket, including the launch cost, came to a mere $4.35 million.

Chinese Graduates

China Outnumbers Japan in Top 100 Asian Schools List

A Times Top University survey revealed that China now has more top universities in its top 100 than Japan.

Xi Jinping and Shinzo Abe

Japan and China Forge New Educational Agreement To Bring Universities Together

Japan and China are taking a huge step forward in their education and academic matters, as the top universities from both countries will be forming strategic partnerships, university officials said last Saturday.

Harvard University

World's Top Universities in 2014

The annual survey of Times Higher Education World University Rankings showed that American and European universities once again topped among other schools worldwide, while there is a notable rise in the rank among Asian universities.

Smart seat

Seat Detects if a Driver is Drowsy or Drunk

The seat can even tell if a patient in a hospital bed is going into cardiac arrest.

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