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China and Vatican are nearing Deal on Bishop Appointment.

China, Vatican Close to a Breakthrough Deal on Bishop Appointment: Report

China and the Vatican are heading towards reconciliation after almost six decades of animosity. This is what head of the Roman Catholic Church in Hong Kong has suggested in a lengthy essay published diocese's website on Thursday.

Vatican Invites China to Organ Trafficking Summit

Vatican’s Invitation to China for Organ Trafficking Summit Sparks Controversy

Human right activists on Tuesday slammed the Vatican for inviting a Chinese health official to attend a summit on organ trafficking as questions linger about Beijing's alleged practice of using executed inmates as organ donors.

China's underground Catholics

China Willing to Engage in Talks with Vatican but Catholics must be Patriots

China's head of religious affairs said on Tuesday that Beijing is willing to engage in dialogue with the Vatican but warned that the country's Catholics must be willing to be patriotic and adapt Catholicism to Chinese society.

The Holy See assured China's Catholic community not to worry as their needs will be addressed.

Vatican Tells Chinese Catholic Community Not to Worry

The Catholic community has been reassured by The Holy See that its needs are well represented and will be catered amidst the ongoing Sino-Vatican dialogue between Beijing and the Holy See, according to a statement released by the Vatican on Tuesday.

China and Vatican Relationship.

China, Vatican Likely to Reach Breakthrough in Ordination of Bishops in Mainland

Officials from Vatican and China are likely to meet in Rome by month-end to finalize a deal on the ordination of bishops in the mainland.

China and Vatican.

Vatican Hopeful of Improving Ties With China

The Vatican said on Saturday that it is hopeful of improving ties with China after decades of mistrust and tension, following Beijing's decision to sever diplomatic ties with the Holy See in 1951.

Taiwanese Vice President to Visit Vatican.

Taiwan's Vice President to Visit Vatican Amid Thaw Between China and Holy See

Taiwanese Vice President Chen Chien-jen would visit the Vatican next week, as Taiwan seeks to cement its relationship with its only European ally amid the growing rapprochement between Beijing and the Holy See.

Catholicism ascendant

Pope Francis and the Catholic Church Seek to Mend Ties with China

There are some 10 million Catholics in China split between communist Catholics and real Catholics.

Pope Francis

Vatican Recognized the State of Palestine In Its First Treaty

The Holy See said on Wednesday that the Vatican has been concluded its first treaty that formally recognized the State of Palestine. This also included an agreement on Catholic Church activities in the Palestinian Aurhority-controlled areas.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis To Visit Cuba In September

A statement from the Vatican said the Pope will visit the Cuba in response to the invitation from the civil authorities and bishops of the island.

Laurent Stefanini with Hillary Clinton and Francois Hollande

Vatican Shuts Out France’s Openly Gay Ambassador

There is speculation in French and Italian media that the sexual orientation of France's nominated ambassador to the Vatican is the reason why the Holy See has not yet confirmed his nomination. It has been more than three months since the French council of ministers nominated Laurent Stefanini on January 5.

Pope Francis

Pope Celebrates 2nd Year Of Papacy, Hints At Early Retirement

"I have the feeling that my pontificate will be brief. Four or five years; I do not know, even two or three." These were the words of Pope Francis as he spoke during the second anniversary of his papacy, suggesting he may not remain at the Vatican for life.

Catholic Bishop Feared Dead After 60 Years Imprisonment

Catholics Want Answers on What China Did to Bishop Shi

Catholic Bishop Shi Enxiang is believed to have died while incarcerated in a Chinese secret location which only the Chinese authorities knew

Pope Reaffirms Church's Ban On Artificial Birth Control Methods

Pope Reaffirms Church's Ban On Artificial Birth Control Methods

Pope Francis has defended the Catholic Church's ban on artificial methods of contraception saying that international groups and organizations should not meddle and impose its western views on families regarding family planning and birth control methods

Pope Francis

Pope Francis To Visit New York On His First U.S. Trip

Pope Francis will be visiting New York City on his first trip to the United States as pope and already, New Yorkers are beaming with excitement over his arrival

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