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Vladimir Putin

Almost war

Putin Says Russia will Risk Nuclear War with NATO to Defend Crimea; almost Went to War in 2014

In Putin's eyes, however, this solitary incident almost ignited a nuclear World War III.

Cold War

Russia's Northern Fleet Won’t Receive Any More New Warships and Submarines

The Northern Fleet is believed to have an inventory of 38 surface combatants and 42 submarines.

More coming

Russia Claims Avoiding Strategic Inferiority against NATO

Defense minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu said the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has received a steady trickle of new weapons.

Show me the money!

As Predicted, Cash Crunch Forces Russia to Postpone New Aircraft Carrier and Destroyer Construction

Shtorm was to have been Russia's first true nuclear aircraft carrier.

Big seller

Nearly Half of Russia’s Arms Sales Accounted for by Aircraft Engines and Spare Parts

Because Russia is short of cash on account of crippling Western economic customers, "Russia is ready to offer foreign customers flexible schemes of settlements," he said.

Hello, Pakistan

Putin Says Syrian Civil War Boosting Russia’s Arms Sales Worldwide

"This opportunity for gaining a firmer foothold on the world market of armaments should not to be missed."


Russia Pouring Troops and Armored Fighting Vehicles to its Border with North Korea

The build-up of troops and equipment has apparently been going on for about a week.

 Too much destruction

China Willing to Spend Billions of Dollars to Rebuild Syria; Russia is Broke

It's been estimated Syria will need a staggering $1 trillion to recover and reconstruct.

Donald Trump

British Intelligence Tipped Off US on Russian Hacking: Report

A recently released public version intelligence report said that British intelligence provided a vital tip off to the United States government about the extent of Russian hacking on the Presidential election.

Donald Trump

Trump: Only 'Stupid' People Would Oppose Closer Russian Ties

US President-elect Donald Trump said on Saturday that only "stupid" people or "fools" would be against creating closer ties with Russia.

Manila visitor

Putin Sends Obsolete Russian Navy Warships to Manila on Goodwill Visit to Duterte

Both ships are part of the Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet based in Vladivostok.

Presidents Putin and Obama

Putin: Russia will Not Expel US diplomats in Retaliation

Russia's final decisionwould depend on the United State's attitude towards Russia once Donald Trump moves into the White House

Vladimir Putin takes a selfie with army cadets

Putin: Russia's Military is 'Stronger than Any Aggressor'

President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has modernized its nuclear arsenal and other forces, making it "stronger than any potential aggressor."

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Assad Thanks Putin, Russia for Helping Aleppo's Liberation

Syrian President Bashar Assad expressed his gratitude to Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the Russian people for Moscow's help in retaking Aleppo from opposition fighters.

Too many

Putin Claims Russia has the Most Powerful Armed Forces on Earth

Only in number of nuclear warheads is Russia almost at par with the West.

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