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North Korean Missile Launch Signs Detected By Japan And U.S.

China Unveils new Dongfeng-11AZT Ballistic Missile for the First Time

China has unveiled its Dongfeng-11AZT (DF-11AZT), an upgrade of the Dongfeng-11 (DF-11) short-range ballistic missiles, via the Chinese Central Television (CCTV) on Wednesday.

Check out the slate of Chinese weapons displayed at the IDEX 2017.

Look: Chinese High-Tech Weaponry Flaunted at an Arm Fair

China showed off a slate of high-tech weaponry during the International Defense Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE, including S-20 attack submarines, FC-31 stealth fighter jets, and updates to laser and drone weaponry.

Army Reveals The New Force Troops Command

US Beats China, Russia as Biggest Global Arms Exporter

The United States has reclaimed its throne as the biggest global arm exporter over the last five years, beating Russia and China, which landed on the second and third spots, respectively.

Wanted by Duterte

China Reveals Made-in-China Weapons Duterte Wants to Buy

"We asked for many things -- boats, drones," said Lorenzana.

Not stealthy

China’s Military Lists Weapons the United States Should Fear

2016 "saw great strides for the Chinese military, with numerous achievements related to weaponry and equipment."

For export

China’s Weapons are Cheap, that’s why China’s the World’s Third Top Arms Exporter

That means a country can, quite literally, get more bang per buck with Chinese weapons.

The White House Proposes Banning Armor-Piercing Rifle Bullet

Chinese Military Enthusiast Detained for Illegal Stash of Weapons and Ammunition

A Chinese man who had a 'lethal obsession' has been detained after it was discovered that he had a 'mini arsenal' of weapons and ammunition at home.

Dark web marketplaces were shut down Friday by authorities in 17 countries.

Worldwide Law Enforcement Authorities Take Down Dark Web Cyber Marketplaces

Police in 17 nations around the globe Friday shut down 17, or more, so-called dark web marketplaces specializing in sales of illegal goods.


Destiny: 'The Dark Below' DLC Weapons, Gear Details Leaked

Details on the upcoming “The Dark Below” DLC for Destiny have been revealed following a Reddit post describing weapons, gear, and other snippets of information.

Brad Pitt Says He Got His First Gun In Kindergarten

Talk about bad ass that runs in the family! Brad Pitt has just revealed that he got his first gun ever back when he was still in kindergarten. The "Fury" star noted that he had his grandfather's gun given to him back then.

Grand theft Auto V Online

GTA V Online: Hackers Stealing Millons of Dollars & Weapons; Causing Players to Lose Vehicles

YouTube’s “DomisLive” reported in his latest Grand Theft Auto V video some situations where hackers are stealing millions of dollars and weapons from random players, and even cases of hackers causing players to lose cars in their garage.

Pro-Russian rebels

Ukraine's Defense Minister Says NATO Members Deliver Arms To Ukraine

Ukraine's defense minister Valery Heletey announced during a press conference Sunday that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member countries started delivering weapons to Ukraine to help fend off pro-Russian separatists.

China Showcases Newest Attack Helicopters and Battle Tanks In Multinational Military Exercises

China Showcases Its Newest Attack Helicopters and Battle Tanks In Multinational Military Exercises

China showed off its newest military hardware in multinational military exercises held in Zhurihe

France President

Europe Must Play A Bigger Role To Solve Gaza Conflict --Francois Hollande

French President Francois Hollande said that Europe does a lot to rebuild and develop Palestine but it cannot just be a bank window.

Germany's Foreign Minister

Germany, Other European Nations To Arm Iraqi Forces

Germany, together with other European nations, vowed to send weapons to Kurdish forces to fight the Islamic state militants in northern Iraq.

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