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weapons of mass destruction

Close Ties

India is Building Top Secret City of Mass Destruction: Experts

India is building a top secret military complex to produce enough enriched uranium for an ambitious thermonuclear weapons program, according to experts.

Muthanna State Establishment

Saddam’s Chemical Weapons Bunker May Have Been Accessed By ISIS: Report

The U.S. Marines assigned to guard Saddam Hussein’s production facility for weapons of mass destruction in northwest Iraq said the Islamic State may have gained access to the cache of chemical and biological weapons stored in one of its bunkers.

ISIS Obtains Chemical Weapons From Sadam-Era Facility

U.S. Kept Secret Chemical Weapons Found During Iraq War: Report

The United States has withheld information concerning the chemical weapons it found in Iraq in the years following the Iraqi invasion, a report published by The New York Times Tuesday claimed.

Hassan Rouhani

Iranian President ‘Certain’ Nuclear Deal Will Push Through

Iran's nuclear development program will push through, President Hassan Rouhani declared late Monday ahead of the Nov. 24 deadline world powers have jointly set to determine the fate of Tehran's nuclear initiative.


Explosion Tears Through Iranian Nuclear Testing Facility

A massive explosion rocked an Iranian munitions complex linked to the country's highly controversial nuclear program.

Chlorine Attacks

United States Alarmed By Chlorine Attacks In Northern Syria

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday that America is alarmed by the recent findings by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) regarding the repeated chlorine attacks found in Northern Syria last week.

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