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South Korea Counterparts MERS Economic Impact

WHO Expects More MERS Cases As 14th Person Dies In South Korea

An expert team from the World Health Organization more cases of infections from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is to be expected in coming weeks as the outbreak in South Korea has turned out to be larger and more complex than in other countries.

Beijing Smoking Ban

Beijing Enforces Public Indoor Smoking Ban, Shanghai and Other Cities May Follow Suit

Since the beginning of the week, residents of Beijing have been subjected to a strick ban on smoking in all public indoor places. Some pundits have noted that the ban could easily be extended to other parts of the country as Chinese authorities try to cut down health care costs associated with smoking.

WHO Includes Hepatitis C Drugs: Lower Price Recommended

World Health Organization has added new curative treatment on its Model List of Essential Medicines that can finally treat hepatitis C together with other medicines for cancer and drug resistant tuberculosis.

Liberia Overcomes Ebola Epidemic, WHO Declares African Nation Free From Deadly Virus

After weeks of no Ebola cases, World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that Liberia is now free from Ebola virus. There are no new reports of Ebola cases for the last 42 days which shows that they are able to stop the virus from spreading in the country.

Cancer Patiennt

WHO: Cancer Cases In China Now At 'Critical' Level

There has been a persistent increase in the number of cancer cases in China which could possibly lead to a dangerous "cancer surge" in the country, according to health officials.

Beatrice Yardolo, Liberia's last ebola patient released from clinic

Liberia's Last Ebola Patient Released From Clinic

Liberia has released its last Ebola patient from a treatment center, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported.


Take Music Listening Breaks to Avoid Hearing Loss, WHO Says

WHO said volumes above 85 decibels for eight hours or 100 decibels for 15 minutes are unsafe.

Measles Vaccine

WHO Alarmed Over Big Measles Outbreak, Seeks More Vaccination in Europe

The World Health Organization (WHO), alarmed over tens of thousands of measles cases across Europe, sought on Wednesday to step up measles vaccination campaigns in the continent.


WHO Adopts Reforms to Better Handle Situations Like Ebola

After failing to properly take care of the largest Ebola outbreak the world has ever seen so far, the World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed several reforms to replace the structure that just wasn't taking care of things.

Teixobactin antibiotic

Scientists Discover Antibiotic that Kills Deadly Superbugs

The new antibiotic offers a way to prevent the danger from superbugs.

Ebola Virus

Cuban Doctor In Sierra Leone Tests Positive For Ebola; To Undergo Treatment In Geneva

A Cuban doctor treating Ebola-infected patients in Sierra Leone has tested positive for the deadly virus. Health officials on Wednesday said the doctor is expected to be flown to Geneva for treatment.


WHO Report: Drowning is the Main Killer of Children in China

Drowning is the leading cause of death for Children in China and is among the top 10 causes of death for children and young people around the globe.

China Is Vulnerable To Ebola, Experts State

China is said to be susceptible to the dreaded Ebola virus as experts claimed on Thursday that the influx of Chinese working in the affected regions of West Africa is too high.

CDC Director Thomas Frieden

U.S. To Intensifiy Watch on People Travelling from Ebola-hit West African Countries

To avoid being caught by surprise again, the United States has decided to intensify its watch on travelers from Ebola-stricken countries in West Africa as it imposes a daily monitoring for Ebola symptoms for 21 days.

Spain is Ebola-free

2 African Countries Now Ebola-Free; Texas Surpasses Monitoring For 43 Cases

Texas is technically Ebola-free, as of writing, while two countries in West Africa have successfully won the fight against the deadly virus.

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