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Ebola Outbreak in West Africa - Reuters

Third Top Ebola Doctor Dies as Medical Personnel Evacuated From Sierra Leone

Another leading Ebola doctor has died after contracting the disease while fighting to save other lives, a Sierra Leone official revealed on Wednesday as others gradually began pulling medical personnel out of the country.

Monrovia residents

Congo Confirms Ebola Cases In The Country, But Strains Different From Usual

The Democratic Republic of Congo government reported that the Ebola virus is now in their nation, but it is believed to be another strain unconnected to the outbreak in the four West African countries. Two people died and several cases are in their hands, according to reports.

The Ebola Virus

Women More Affected By Ebola Than Men

With the increasing number of deaths in Africa caused by the deadly Ebola outbreak, statisticians are inferring that the probability of women being affected is much greater as compared to men.

Kenya Airways

Kenya Suspends Flights In Response To WHO's Ebola Statement

Kenya Airways will suspend flights to and from Ebola infected countries as a response to a World Health Organization (WHO) statement on Thursday.

Volunteers in Sierra Leone

Ebola Toll Vastly Underestimated --WHO

The World Health Organization believes that the Ebola toll is underestimated, saying the figures do not match up to the magnitude of the outbreak.


WHO: Ebola Now A Global Emergency

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Ebola outbreak in West Africa as a global health emergency after the death toll reached almost 1,000 and called on international organizations to cooperate on efforts to stop its spread.

Ebola outbreak

China Takes Drastic Measures To Prevent Ebola From Entering The Country

China has taken drastic steps to prevent Ebola from entering the country

Medical staff of Medecins sans Frontieres

Ebola Outbreak "Spreading Too Fast," says WHO

The World Health Organization believes Ebola can be stopped.

Kenema, Sierra Leone.

West African Leaders Discuss ‘Regionalized Strategy’ To Contain Ebola

Leaders of the three most ravaged nations of the Ebola outbreak - Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone - are set to meet on Guinea's capital Conakry on Friday in a concerted effort to contain the spread of the virus.

Ebola Virus Death Toll Rises to 467 in West Africa

Out of 759 Ebola virus cases in West Africa, 467 have died, prompting further concern over how to control the deadly outbreak.

Camels Confirmed As a Source of MERS Virus

Camels have been confirmed to be "reservoirs" of the MERS virus and can subsequently infect humans, a new study says.

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