Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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Google's PhotoScan App Makes Photo Digitizing Easier and Free

Digitize those old photos before they fade away using Google's all new PhotoScan app.

(Photo : YouTube Screenshot) Digitize those old photos before they fade away using Google's all new PhotoScan app.

Google on Tuesday unveiled its all new PhotoScan app that will quickly create digital copies of old printed photos without a cost.

"We all have those old albums and boxes of photos, but we don't take the time to digitize them because it's just too hard to get it right," Jingyu Cui, Google Photos' software engineer, said.

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The new app, which is now available on iOS, Android, and the web, is capable of detecting edges, straightening images, rotating to the appropriate orientation, and removing glare, the ZDNet reported. It leans on its software and machine learning to do its magic.

The process is relatively easy but comes with a little twist. Users will simply launch the PhotoScan app and capture the printed photo. However, users need to align and move the phone over four white circles across each corner of a photo to get the perfect snap, according to Venture Beat.

The app works best on photos lying free and flat on a surface. But scanning photos in a wall frame or album pages is also possible, CNET noted.

Then the scanned images will be saved on the phones internal storage or Google Photos, where the pictures will be sorted accordingly. Of note, while Google Photos offer unlimited storage, PhotoScan does not automatically upload to Google Photos, ZDNet reported.

Sharing the memories to loved ones is also made easy as Google Photos shared album feature allows users to combine photos from different people by sending a link to the shared album to specific individual thru email, text, or the Google Photos app itself, according to CNET.

Meanwhile, Google Photos also did some upgrade. It revamped its Auto Enhance tool, introduced 12 new artsy filters, and added advanced editing tools such as editing sliders to adjust skin tones. Furthermore, Google Movies introduced a few new themes as well.

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