Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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Apple Offers Free iPhone 6s Battery Replacement with Shutdown Issues

Apple Offers Free Battery Replacement to All Customers Globally

(Photo : Getty Images/John Gress) Apple Offers Free Battery Replacement to All Customers Globally under iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issue to a certain batch manufactured between September and October 2015.

Apple Inc. is offering a free battery replacement to all its customers globally affected by unexpected shutdowns through a program on its website called iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issue.

The new program targets a "very small" number of iPhone 6s units that may experience unexpected shutdowns. The company was quick to note that this battery problem is not a safety issue and only affects a batch of iPhone 6s units within a limited serial number that were manufactured on September and October 2015.

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How to claim the free battery replacement?

Customers globally who have experienced the unexpected shutdown issue can take their iPhone 6s to any Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider for checking of the device's serial number to confirm their eligibility for a free battery replacement.

Meanwhile, those iPhone 6s customers who have already paid to replace their battery can seek for a refund by contacting Apple.

Apple advised its customers who will avail of the battery replacement to back up their data to iTunes or iCloud, turn off the Find my iPhone feature, and erase their data and settings in Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings.

It also said that if the iPhone 6s has any damages such as a cracked screen, the issue should be resolved first before the battery is replaced. Of note, customers may expect an additional cost for the associated repair.

Probes of Apple's Replacement Program

Apple's announcement of this free replacement program comes less than a week after the China Consumers Association asked the tech giant to investigate complaints from a considerable number of Chinese consumers.

According to CNN,  "a considerable number" of Chinese users reported that their iPhone 6 and 6s devices would suddenly turn off despite showing plenty of battery life. Furthermore, the phones would not turn back on even when plugged into chargers, the China Consumers Association said in a statement.

Is Apple's Issue the Same with Samsung?

This is the second time Apple launched a repair program. It recently initiated a repair initiative for iPhone 6 Plus for "Touch Disease."

The issue faced by Samsung earlier this year that led to a global recall can somewhat be associated by Apple's current issues. However, with Apple's quick clarification that its shutdown-related issue do not pose safety risks, concerned customers are somehow relieved of their fears that Apple might be experiencing the same issue as Samsung.

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