12/03/2021 06:21:03 pm

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Woman Goes Crazy After Little Girl Steps on Her Son


(Photo : Screenshot) Uh-oh.

A viral video showed a woman losing it when a little girl stepped on her son while playing. She then started attacking everyone at the playground.

In a playground at a shopping mall in Hangzhou, a little girl stepped on a young boy, angering the boy's mother. The girl's parents apologized profusely, but the boy's mother tried to claw the girl out of her mother's arms. 

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Other parents got involved trying to stop the woman, but she turned on them and started attacking them too. The crazy woman's husband held her back while holding their son.

At the end of the video, the little girl can be seen pushing another kid.  

What's quite surprising are the netizens' reactions. They blame the little girl, calling her "vicious," "demented," and questioning her parents' parenting skills. 

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