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Mia Ren


Man Waiting for His Death in Makeshift Grave Rescued by Police

On the said day, he went to his grave that he made behind his house to wait for his death where police found him alive.


Bumbling Thief Arrested for Posting Loots on Social Media

A young thief in Yunnan was arrested shortly after sharing photos of the money he stole on social media.


Man Who Collects Random Women's Underwear Arrested

The panty thief is a divorced 40 something-year-old man whose surname is Xing.


Woman Goes Crazy After Little Girl Steps on Her Son

She completely lost it.


Government's Porn Crackdown Reaches Weibo

Beijing's administrative law enforcement fined Weibo, China's Twitter-like social media platform, 30,000 yuan for spreading pornography.


China's 'Walter White' Faces Lifetime Imprisonment

This looks like Breaking Bad, but it's not.


Man Admits to Molesting 11-Year-Old Stepdaughter

A 67-year-old man confessed to sexually molesting his 11-year-old stepdaughter in a bunk bed shared by the family.


Woman Jumps Off HK International Airport, Identity Still Unknown

A still unidentified Chinese woman fell from the seventh floor of the Hong Kong International Airport on Thursday. Airport paramedics performed first aid procedures on her.


1.9 Million Euros Worth of Counterfeit Money Found in 5-Star Hotel

Bags containing fake Euro notes amounting to 1.9 million euros (14.1 million yuan) were seized by police at a 5-star luxury hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.


Businessman Deposits 200,000 Yuan in Coins

A bank in Henan province received 50 boxes of change worth more than 200,000 yuan from a businessman.


Boy Commits Suicide After Parents Didn't Let Him Watch TV

Never underestimate a child who wants to watch TV.


Woman Says She Was Thrilled After Stealing Bread

What a daredevil.


Rapist of Pregnant Woman to Spend 5 Years in Jail

A delivery man is facing five years in prison for raping a pregnant woman and causing injuries to her and her neighbor.


Foreigners Who Ate Inside Train Apologize

They were not punished.


Fatigued Arctic Foxes Found Roaming in Schools

Two schools in Hangzhou and Guangdong have a new roaming visitor: an arctic fox.

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