12/03/2021 06:00:51 pm

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Man Who Collects Random Women's Underwear Arrested


(Photo : Weibo) Xing cuddles up with a bunch of these to fall asleep.

Police arrested a man in Jiujiang after raiding his room and finding more than 10,000 pieces of women's underwear. The panty thief is a divorced 40 something-year-old man whose surname is Xing. 

Authorities received a complaint from a woman, one of Xing's many victims, after she saw her missing underwear hanging on the balcony of a factory dormitory. 

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When police raided the man's small room, they found only a number of furniture, but 10 bags full of panties, with boxes and cabinets with neatly organized women's undergarments and intimate clothes. 

Xing confessed to the police that he accumulated the stolen women's underwear in a span of 10 years. He said that even when he was young, he liked women's clothes. 

Every night, Xing will cuddle with a bunch of stolen underwear to fall asleep. He had to regularly wash and dry the more than 10,000 underwear. 

For perspective, only 1/3 of Xing's "collection" fit in a tricycle that the police hired to transfer the underwear to the police station. 

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