12/03/2021 05:56:56 pm

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Man Waiting for His Death in Makeshift Grave Rescued by Police


(Photo : Local media) He believed too much.

Xiang Chaojie, 72, was told by a fortune teller that he will die on March 23, 2017. On the said day, he went to his grave that he made behind his house to wait for his death where police found him alive. 

Xiang has been battling esophageal cancer for several years and his treatments are doing very little to help him with the disease. After meeting a fortune teller who told him his day of death, he made his grave behind his house. 

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He went to the grave on the supposed day of his death. He left several possessions to his friends and told them he will die on that day. Come March 23, his niece visited him only to find his house empty. She found him in his grave. 

When police found him, Xiang did not respond. They entered the grave only to find out that Xiang fell asleep because he was drunk before going to the grave. He was sent to the hospital. He promised to cooperate with his doctors and live his life without believing in fortune tellers. 

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