Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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China Opposes U.S. Arms Sales to Taiwan

Perry-Class Frigate

A day after an intense meeting between United States Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Chinese Minister of Defense General Chang Wanquan, the Ministry of Defense (MOD) reiterated its opposition to the planned sale of weapons to Taiwan.

MOD Spokesman Geng Yansheng met with Beijing reporters and demanded that the U.S. should not sell arms to Taiwan and continue to respect China's interests.

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The United States House of Representatives approved a bill on Monday that will permit the U.S. government to sell Perry-class frigates to Taiwan.

The same bill also reaffirmed the "Taiwan Relations Act."

"We firmly oppose US sales of advanced weapons to Taiwan. The stance is clear, firm and consistent," Geng said.

China insists that the sale of arms to Taiwan is in violation of the 1982 communiques that called for a gradual reduction of  U.S. arms sale to rival Taiwan.

Geng considered the passing of the bill destructive to bilateral military relations between the two powers, as well as detrimental to cross-straits relations.

General Chang reiterated China's opposition and directly raised the matter with his American counterpart,  saying "We urge the US Congress to stop promoting any Taiwan-related bills and the government to prevent the Congress from reviewing the bill." 

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