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Hao Ren

Christians in China’s Wenzhou City Appeal Against Planned Demolition of Churches

Chinese officials have denied allegations that they are clamping down on religious activity by ordering the demolition of Christian churches in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.

China Creates Elite Anti-Terror Unit "Falcon Commando"

China formally creates a special elite unit called the "Falcon Commando," tasked to respond to any threats of terrorism.President Xi Jinping formally presented the flag which will now officially represent the Chinese People's Armed Police Force's newest police brigade under the Special Police Academy.

Protesting Taipei Students Leave Taiwan Parliament

After 24 days of occupying the Taiwanese parliament, protesting students voluntarily left the building after being assured that the new trade agreement with mainland China will undergo careful legislative review.

Premier Li Unveils China's Policy on the South China Sea

China will support initiatives that will strengthen maritime cooperation in the South China Sea but will resist any provocation that destabilizes peace. This was the position of China on the contested waters as laid out by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the on-going Boao forum.

China-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Year

China and ASEAN Celebrate a Year of Culture Exchange

In a continuing effort to strengthen ties between China and member nations of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the whole 2014 was designated as a year dedicated to cultural exchanges.

Zang Paiyan

China Can Sustain More Growth in the Next Five Years

The Vice Chair of this year's Boao Forum for Asia, Zeng Paiyan, assured delegates that China's economy is resilient and its economic growth can be sustained in the next five years.

China Opposes U.S. Arms Sales to Taiwan

China's Defense Ministry reiterated its opposition to the United States' planned sale of weapons to Taiwan.

China to Become Largest Global Travel Market this Decade

With a rapidly growing economy that defies forecasts of bubble burst and with citizens amassing enough wealth through hard work, China is set to become the world's top tourism market in the next few years.

China's Automobile Sales up by 9% at End of First Quarter

Automobile sales in China increased by 9.5% at the close of the January to March sales period when consumers took advantage of the lower prices of current stocks ahead of the release of new models during the annual car show in Beijing.

China and Timor Leste Ink Economic & Tourism Deals

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang formally welcomed Timor Leste's Premier, Jose Alexandre Xanana Gusmao, in the city of Sanya in Hainan province early Wednesday morning, marking the opening of closer ties between China and Asia's youngest independent nation.

Talks Underway for China-Laos Speed Rail

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and visiting Laotian Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong pledged to establish transport connections between the two countries during a meeting in Sanya in Hainan province.

China to Shut Down 1,725 Small Coal Mines

In an urgent effort to arrest the worsening air quality across China, some 1,725 small-scale mines with low-quality coal output will be closed. These mines to be shuttered yield nearly 117 million tons annually.

Web Marketing Practitioners Face Prosecution for Rumor Mongering

Qin Zhihui, alias Qin Huohuo, will get a taste of the criminal justice system this Friday for spreading false information and maligning groups and individuals on the internet.

US Prods China on Currency Policies

The United States has issued a warning to Beijing on rising "serious concerns" that the recent depreciation of the Chinese yuan may signal a shift away from an exchange rate determined by market forces.

Jackie Chan is Now 60

Hong Kong's action superstar turned another leaf in life on Monday when he turned 60 and still in top form as Asia's most popular martial arts actor.

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