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China and ASEAN Celebrate a Year of Culture Exchange

China-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Year

(Photo : Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong (right) and Myanmar’s Vice President Nyan Tun (left) representing the Association of South East Asian NAtions (ASEAN)

To further bolster the partnership of China and its southern neighbors, member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), 2014 was designated as the China-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Year.

Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong and Myanmar's Vice President Nyan Tun led the opening ceremonies in Beijing on Wednesday with representatives from other ASEAN member countries.

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Myanmar represented the 10-member countries of ASEAN since the country will take the presidency of the grouping this year.

ASEAN is composed of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 

The year-long event intends to intensify the cultural understanding and exchanges of the 11 countries, serving as a form of tribute to the ever growing and deepening ties between China and the Southeast regional grouping.

The formal launching ceremonies were held at the main performing hall of Tsinghua University, Beijing's premier academic institution for the culture and the arts.

The formal ceremony featured various performers from Laos, Brunei, Laos,Vietnam, Singapore, the and Philippines, who sang together the songs of the late Chinese artist Teresa Teng.

Liu said in his opening remarks that stating strategic partnership with ASEAN is best started with cultural exchanges and said, "China would like to join closer with ASEAN, keep the cultural exchange invigorated, contributing to the peace and prosperity of Asia."

Myanmar's Nyan Tun thanked China on behalf of ASEAN for hosting the opening ceremonies and said, "We have created our friendly dialogue relations and respected partnership based on mutual trust."

This year-long event's theme is "Our Culture, Our Future" with China initiating the first year-long activity with an exhibition that features the traditional costumes of China and ASEAN member countries.

Various exhibits and presentations have been lined up and will go around the capitals of the eleven nations throughout 2014.

The costume display will run at the Chinese Museum of Women and Children, until April 17.

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