Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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Partyers Turn New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival Into Chaos, Dozens Injured

This year's celebration of the annual Pumpkin Festival on Sunday took a turn for the worst as partyers near Keene State College in New Hampshire turned the celebration into a chaotic evening, injuring dozens of festival-goers.

Photos and videos of the chaos were posted on social networking sites showing the partyers making bonfires, throwing bottles, saying offensive words against police officials who responded at the scene, and even knocking over street signs. Other photos show some of the partyers standing on top of a car that had been overturned.

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According to reports, around 26 people went to a New Hampshire hospital after being injured in the scuffle, although no serious injuries were reported by authorities.

Police were called and were seen wearing riot gear as they attempted to break them up and disperse the crowd. A total of 49 arrests were reportedly made but not all were related to the ruckus caused by the partyers.

Governor Maggie Hassan visited the area on Saturday and said in a statement that the state and the local public safety officials are already working closely together in order to defuse the disturbance. According to Hassan, the people who made much of the ruckus were from outside the area and this is the first time the festival had turned into such a chaotic event. 

According to a T.V. station called WMUR-TV, the police used pepper balls and tear gas on Saturday to break up the crowd. Some students from Keene State were then seen early Sunday morning back on the streets cleaning beer cans and other debris left over from the festival.

According to college officials, some students may face expulsion for their part in the incident.

Anne Huot, the president of Keene State College, stated that they are now reviewing images, videos, media coverage, and social media postings from the off-campus residences so as to determine who will face interim suspension, conduct action, or even expulsion. The degree of the punishment will depend on the seriousness of the offense.  

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