Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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New Xbox Game 'Blood Sport' Takes Real Blood When Players Get Hit

Blood Donation

(Photo : Reuters)

A new Xbox game called "Blood Sport" will actually take a player's blood when he gets hit during the game. But the bloodletting is for a good cause. The game enables players to donate blood and aims to encourage more blood donors.

The game works with a rumble controller pack that vibrates every time a player gets hit. This triggers the blood collection system that then siphons-off a small amount of blood. All collected blood will be donated for medicine use.

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A circuit board takes blood whenever a player gets hit and to stops the process when too much blood is already drawn from the player.

Kickstarter, the creators of the game, is trying to raise US$250,000 to fund the video game and start collecting blood by March 2015. Their previous projects were "Shoot the Banker," a game where players aim paintball guns and shoot persons dressed as bankers.

The main goal of Blood Sport is to avoid losing blood. The game's developers want to hold a multiplayer competition and let players compete for the least blood lost.

The American Red Cross website says "More than 41, 000 blood donations are needed every day." Some of the reasons why people don't donate blood is because they don't know blood is needed by the Red Cross every day.

According to he Entertainment Software Rating Board, 67% of US households play video games. Blood Sport will only take small amount of blood from each player but will raise awareness of giving blood to those in need. The game will allow many gamers to play for a cause.

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