11/30/2021 12:22:20 pm

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China Weighs In On CIA Torture Report

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

(Photo : REUTERS/JASON REED/FILES) The logo of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is swept clean in the lobby of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia March 3, 2005.

With Human Rights Day being Wednesday, Xinhua news agency, China's official voice to the world, made sure to tweak the U.S. over its CIA torture report and self-appointed role as "defender of civil liberties globally."

The official editorial was titled "U.S. should clean up its own human rights issues." It followed a shot across the human right bow last month in which Xinhua said there were "few other countries in the world as self-righteous and complacent as the United States when it comes to human rights issues."

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Chinese officials long have chafed over U.S. reaction to internal Chinese handling of human rights issues including Tibet and Hong Kong, to name but two. With the Ferguson. Mo. tragedy and release of the CIA torture report, the cat calls became louder.

The Xinhua commentary talked about United Nations human rights chief Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein's recent call for the U.S. to re-examine its law enforcement and justice systems. Xinhua said the U.S. was rife with "deeply-rooted racism" and a surveillance scandal that targeted its own people along with world leaders.

Xinhua also called out America's military drone program resulting in heavy civilian casualties. However, it's greatest concern centered on the congressional report citing CIA torture of al-Qaida detainees.

"America is neither a suitable role model nor a qualified judge on human rights issues in other countries," Xinhua said. "Yet, despite this, people rarely hear the U.S. talking about its own problems, preferring to be vocal on the issues it sees in other countries, including China."

Xinhua said China was a developing country continuing to evolve a human rights policy that allows its people to enjoy social and constitutional rights while acknowledging it was a process that would be continuing.

A May White Paper issued by the central Chinese government outlines the issues and pointed the way to further human rights development, the news agency said.

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