Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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Childish Gambino Wiped His Social Accounts to Protest Police Brutality

Childish Gambino, the actor and rapper best known for portraying Troy Barnes on the NBC series Community, has wiped out the posts on his Twitter and Instagram accounts as a way of protesting police brutality, Billboard reports.

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The rapper's action actually caused a little confusion among his fans. A lot thought he did it intentionally because he was celebrating the first year anniversary of his album, Because the Internet, which debuted Dec. 6 last year.

Others, believed that the performer did that as a support to the protest of the #blacklivesmatter movement that has already grown into a strong online movement for the past months.

As a nod of support to Gambino, his manager, Famuel Rothstein, changed his profile pic on Twitter to show an image of the Blackout for Human Rights organization. Complex further notes that this could actually mean that the artist's action and his manager's decision to use the movement's image was a call to #blacklivesmatter's cause.

The Blackout for Human Rights is considered as a "network of concerned artists, activists, and citizens who committed their energy and resources to immediately address the staggering level of human rights violations against fellow Americans throughout the United States."

According to the organization's website, they have already witnessed enough abuse, thus, rising to "one of the most time honored American traditions: dissent," as a call to end "brutal treatment and inhumane killings."

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