Updated 9:12 AM EST, Tue, Jan 05, 2021

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Discusses Social Networking In Censored Countries

Following the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Mark Zuckerberg has been under pressure by Facebook users to respond to censorship, government pressure and other related questions.

In a town hall meeting in Colombia, the Facebook chief executive was asked why the social network operates in countries where freedom of speech is prohibited, and why it actively works with those government's to ban free speech.

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"This gets to the heart of our mission. We want to help connect everyone and give people a voice," Zuckerberg said "I really deeply believe we are best serving the world ... by continuing to push for as much expression as possible."

Zuckerberg also said when possible, Facebook does fight back against these organizations blocking freedom of speech, despite some claiming Facebook cozies up to censorship, if it means the service can stay active.

This has most recently been seen with Facebook's attempts at courting the Chinese internet regulator Lu Wei, showing while Google and other countries are worried about the censorship in the country, Facebook will take it in open arms, for a chance at the 700 million internet users in the country.

This split neutrality works both ways for Facebook, when it needs to be proactive and pro-freedom of speech, it shows transparency reports, but the social network is also not afraid to stand by poor government censorship, in the name of revenue.

Zuckerberg also spoke about, his established charity with goals on global immigration reform and bringing the internet to billions of users in developing regions.

The town hall talks are a way for Zuckerberg to become more integrated with Facebook, discussing topics previous held behind closed-doors. However, some of the answers Zuckerberg has given seem to revoke the original question, allowing the CEO to talk about Facebook's "mission" for global connectivity, amongst other goals.

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