12/03/2021 04:38:17 pm

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Another Bug Hits iTunes Connect

iTunes Connect

(Photo : Apple) This is how iTunes Connect looks like for app developers.

Another day. Another bug. Users of iTunes Connect were hit by a bug that made them sign in as a different and random user when trying to get into their account. 

iTunes Connect is a special set for app developers that helps them manage the content of their App Store; make contracts and list pricings. Users have been reporting the bug since Thursday and reacted to it on Twitterverse.

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Here are some of the tweets:

Mo Bitar @bitario said: "Holy shit every time I hit sign out on iTunes Connect it signs me in as a different random user"

Paul Haddad @tapbot_paul also reacted saying "iTunes Connect just logged me in as a different user. Someone is seriously going to get fired."

Apple then disabled iTunes Connect after being called out on Twitter by their patriots. According to reports, Apple has acknowledged the problem and said it was working on it with a report being displayed on Apple's System Status page.

It wasn't revealed how many hours it took Apple to fix the platform but by Friday, developers were no longer posting problems. This isn't the first time a bug interrupted iTunes Connect. Back in March, there was another issue and it hindered developers from updating their apps.

Apple has not yet publicly released a statement as to what could have caused the bug.

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