12/03/2021 06:08:17 pm

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Apple Watch Release Date in April

Apple Watch

(Photo : Reuters) The Apple Watch appears to be a hit, at least on some models.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the Apple Watch will start shipping in April during the company earnings call with its investors.

Cook debunked speculations and rumors about the Apple Watch release and mentioned the device's development is still on schedule. He also said he wore the Apple Watch every day during the device's development and is reportedly impressed with the high expectations of the watch.

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Apple previously said the Apple Watch will have a starting price of US$349. The Apple Watch will have three variants: a regular style, the Apple Watch Sport version and a premium Apple Watch Edition.

The premium variant is rumored to rival luxury watch brands. Consumers still wait for details about the device's apps, features and battery life.

The Cupertino tech giant previously announced the wearable will be released early 2015 but there are different rumors saying it could arrive by March. The Apple Watch will start shipping with about 2.8 million units, according to KGI Research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

CNBC said Apple users are interested in the iPhone 6, Apple Watch and the Apple Pay. People are interested in bigger screens and Apple's significant change in its ecosystem.

This is the first time Apple launched a new wearable product that could also attract those who are health and fitness conscious to buy. While people are disappointed the Apple Watch needs an iPhone 6 to work, it could help the Apple ecosystem and its popularity.

Apple Pay is also incorporated into the new iPhone 6 and could further help increase the sales of the bigger screened variant despite its market loss due to Android phones released ahead of it. Apple's share rose by 1.3 percent one day after the iPhone 6 was launched with the Apple Pay and Apple Watch.

Tim Cook said Apple devices will all work together now. The company's product lines will work in concert. The Apple ecosystem has been likened to a swamp where the more people use it, the more they are pulled into it.

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