12/03/2021 05:27:50 pm

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Islamic State Might Have Commited Genocide Against Yazidis In Iraq -UN

ISIS militants


The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants might have committed genocide against the Yazidi minority based in Iraq in an effort to wipe them out from their territory, the United Nations (UN) reported on Thursday.

The attack reportedly included murders, rape, torture, and sexual slavery. Also, the jihadists used the children in the area as part of their child soldiers. UN pointed out that the extremists already committed all of the gravest international crimes which are war crimes, genocide, and crimes against the human race.

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The attack on the Yazidi minority was done last August to destroy the said group. Most of the boys --- males aged 14 and above --- were shot to death while the women and girls were taken by them, resulting to entirely wiping out the Yazidi population, whose religion also has elements of Christianity.

The abducted women and girls were given as gifts to other ISIS militants. According to the statement by UN, girls were heard screaming for help while they were being raped by the militants.

As for the boys below 14 years old, they were converted to Islam and were given military training to become child soldiers. They were allegedly forced to watch the beheading videos that were released by the militants before.

The statements released by the UN was reportedly from witnesses' accounts of more than a hundred people who survived the attacks in the area from June last year to February this year. The report also focuses on the ISIS attacks against religious as well as ethnic groups.

The Yazidis are not the only minority group attacked. Christian, Kurds, Shia and Turkmen were also subjected to massacre and torture by the jihadists.

Christians were forced to leave their homes because the militants made them choose if they would convert to Islam and stay or remain as Christian. Staying, however, meant  they have to pay taxe.

The militants also reportely kill anyone who is found to have links to the Iraqi government.

UN's Human Rights Office called on the UN Security Council to take the discovered genocide to the International Criminal Court and pushed for the prosecution of the militants.

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