Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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Libya Civil War Forces Evacuation of Western Nationals

The armored vehicle that evacuates UK diplomats was gunned down and prompted Western countries to urge their citizens to leave Libya immediately.

Leaders from Britain, Germany, France, and Netherlands warned their people to depart the distressed country as the civil war continues to rage on.

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Four rounds were fired on the bullet-proof vehicle transporting British diplomats at the borders of Tripoli on Sunday.

Reports said the diplomats were en route Tunisia when their armored car was attacked at an area near Camp 27. The area of attack was said to be the seat of an Islamist militia on the western limits.

Reports of this incident were confirmed as Ambassador Michael Aron tweeted, "Shots had been fired at our cars, but all employees safe."

Warning was immediately sent to the second convoy, which was headed towards the same direction. The alarm caused the subsequent group to turn back and await further instructions.  

The Foreign Workplace urged citizens to leave the country as the death toll continues to escalate. "British nationals in Libya need to leave now by commercial indicates," the officials ordered. Despite the civil turmoil, the British embassy would remain open. However, the number of employees will be decreased.

Similar warnings were issued by France, Germany, and Netherlands. The German foreign ministry expresses its concern over the unpredictability and uncertainty of the situation. In addition, German officials worry that German nationals might be exposed to threats of kidnapping and attacks.

Such evacuation measures manifest humiliating degradation, specifically for London and Paris, on the efforts to liberate Libya. These incidents serve to undo the work accomplished since the Nato bombing and liberation movements from Gaddafi three years ago.

However, officials believe that pinning blames is pointless as of the moment. "Today, the priority is getting," one foreign official states.

The United States embassy evacuated its staff in the early hours of Saturday morning after intensive consultations with Washington. The same route was taken, but US jets were seen flying around for protection. The American exit was deemed an indication of abandoning diplomatic solution.

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