Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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South Korean Embassy Shooting Kills Two In Libya

Two people were killed, while another was injured after gunmen opened fire at the South Korean Embassy in Tripoli, Libya on Sunday.

Corinthia Hotel Libya

Libya Hotel Attack Kills At Least 8, Including Foreigners

Armed gunmen attacked a luxury hotel in the Libya's capital Tripoli, killing at least eight people.

Libya Violence

Violence Erupts Anew In Libya, Army Attempts To Reclaim Benghazi From Militants

Violence erupted anew in Libya as the military tries to reclaim the city of Benghazi from Islamist militants.

U.S. Embassy in Libya

Dawn Of Libya Islamist Soldiers Guards Abandoned US Embassy

An ally of the Islamist group is in control of the U.S. Embassy and its residential compound in Libya. A commander for the group Dawn of Libya, Moussa Abu-Zaqia, confirmed that their group has been guarding the area since last week.

Libya Crisis

Libya Crisis: Misrata Militia Seize Tripoli Airport From Nationalist Fighters

Militias from the city of Misrata took over the control of Tripoli international airport from Zintan groups after fighting for over a month.

Misrata, Libya Fuel Depot Fire

Libya’s Oil Depot Fire Blazes Out Of Control, Government Seeking Foreign Assistance

Libya's leaders called for international assistance on Monday to help put out a fire that raged out of control after it was caught in the crossfire between clashes for control over the capital's international airport.

Libya Civil War Forces Evacuation of Western Nationals

The gunning of the armored vehicle evacuating UK diplomats on Sunday prompted Western countries to urge their citizens to leave Libya immediately. Leaders from Britain, Germany, France, and Netherlands warn their people to depart the distressed country as the civil war continues to rage on.

U.S. Embassy In Libya Evacuated As Fighting Draws Near Capital

Washington announced on Saturday that it has evacuated its personnel from its embassy in Tripoli as hostilities steadily reached the Libyan capital.

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