12/03/2021 06:01:34 pm

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Drones Employed to Catch Cheaters in China’s Most Difficult Exam

Gaokao, China National College Entrance Examination

(Photo : REUTERS/China Daily ) Art students draw sketches in Jianan, Shandong Province. Drones and other methods are being used to flush out cheaters in China's annual college entrance examination.

Chinese educators are employing drones to catch cheaters in the annual college entrance test known as Gaokao." This test is generally regarded as the most difficult national examination. 

According to Tech Radar, drones will be hovering over the examination center to spot any unauthorized radio communication.

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Gaokao is the common term for China's College Entrance Test.  An estimated nine million young people participate in the annual test to determine if they are eligible to enter top universities in the country. 

Cheaters are known employ sophisticated methods to get around the human proctors.  In one incidents a special camera pen was used to secretly take pictures of the test questions.  The photo were then set to be sneaked outside to an accomplice, who will supply the answers through a hidden earpiece that the student was wearing.

With the help of drones, signal from telecomminication devices can be intercepted to help the classroom proctors pinpoint the cheating examinee. 

South China Morning Post reported that in Guangzhou, students are made to pass through metal detectors to ensure that they are not carriny any prohibited devices.

A number of examination centers in places such as Liaoning, Henan, and Sichuan run fingerprint and retina recognition tests to verify the identity of students.

Chinese authorities have arrested around 23 people in connection with the sale and use of special gadgets specifically designed to aid examination malpractice.  Some of the suspects detained were reportedly taking the test in the name other people.

Professors, proctors and even parents have also been caught helping examinees cheat in the entrance test, according to China Daily.

Cheating in the gaokao has been at the fore of national attention after a local reporter conducted an undercover investigation this year. The reporter later wrote an article regarding the existence of a group in Jiangxi Province who arrange for impersonators to take the college entrance tests on behalf of students.

Most of the suspects who were found to be impersonating students are reported to be university students themselves, who were lured by the prospects of making money.  Chinese parents are reportedly willing to pay up to 1 million yuan ($161,000) to these impersonators if their child can get into a prestigious school, according to an interview conducted by the undercover reporter.

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