12/03/2021 05:45:36 pm

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Chinese Student Successfully Conducts Cockroach Mind Control Experiment

Cockroach mind control experiment

(Photo : Reuters) The wireless interaction between the human mind and cockroach was made with Bluetooth technology. An inserted device electrically stimulated the cockroach's nerve, thereby permitting researchers to mentally control the insect remotely.

A Chinese experiment that tested the ability of a person to control a cockroach's mind through Bluetooth proved to be a success. 

People's Daily Online reported that Li Guangye from Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) was able to instruct a cockroach to travel in an s-pattern and z-pattern movements by transmitting brain waves via the Bluetooth device the insect was carrying. 

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Li is a mechanical engineer, who is taking up his postgraduate studies at SJTU. He conducted the cockroach mind control experiment with the help of his mentor Zhang Dingguo, according to Techworm.

The Jiaotong University published the details of the experiment on its official website. The release said that the way the cockroach walks was remotely controlled by the human brain waves. 

The success of the experiment paves the way for humans to operate computers by simply using our mind.  There will be no need for physical interaction if people can control devices with their brain waves.  Operating devices and facilitaing distant communication through the power of the mind certainly appears attainable as shown by the experiment.

The cockroach mind control study shows that people may need to use similar wearable wireless devices to communicate with other electronic gadgets and with each other.

CRJ described how Li was able to command the cockroach with his human brain waves.  The insect carried an electronic receiver on its back which relays certain signals.  The researchers reportedly attached a miniature device on the antennae of the cockroach. 

The wireless interaction between Li and the cockroach was made with a Bluetooth connection. The inserted device electrically stimulates the nerve which permits people to mentally control the insect remotely. 

The mind control cockroach experiment earned Li second place in the recent IEEE Robotics 2015 contest. Li and his team will conduct another experiment where they will equip several cockroaches with such devices.  They plan to race the remote controlled insects against each other.

This is the first mental remote control experiment that has ever been recorded in China.  Almost three years ago, researchers at the Zhejiang University inserted microchips in monkeys which allowed them to operate a mechanical arm.

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