12/03/2021 06:27:14 pm

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US Vice President Joe Biden May be Planning to Run for President


(Photo : Getty Images/Spencer Platt) If Biden confirms the rumors that he's running for president, this will be the third time that he will make a bid for the top position in the White House.

A newspaper report published on Saturday hinted that US Vice President Joe Biden is planning to try his luck on getting the Democrat Presidential nomination despite the fact that many of his fellow party members have already placed their support on front-runner Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times released an article on Saturday claiming that supporters of Biden are currently making plans to enter him in the nomination race for President.

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If Biden confirms the rumors, this will be the third time that he will make his bid for the top position in the White House. Biden's press secretary Kendra Barkoff would not directly confirm or deny the rumors. Instead, Barkoff mentioned Biden's commitment to his work, highlighting his role in the recent Iranian nuclear negotiation.

When it comes to raising funds, Biden is at a clear disadvantage compared with Hillary Clinton. Biden lost his presidential nomination bid partly due to his failure to raise a substantial war chest for the campaign.

Clinton, on the other hand, currently has almost $50 million at her disposal and more contributions are coming in. A large group of democrats, including both members of congress and governors, have already rallied behind the former first lady.

A number of them have allegedly told Biden's camp that they would have lent their support had the vice president made his presidential intention known in the first days of the campaign.

Some of Biden's former staff are already working in the Clinton camp because they had no idea that their ex-employer will make a bid for the democrat presidential nomination.

A former staff of President Obama, Van Jones, said that Biden's political philosophy and belief are not much different from that of Hillary.

Many in the Democratic party are skeptical if Biden is seriously gunning for the party's presidential nomination since the vice president has yet to make his bid public. Many of Clinton's backers have expressed their admiration for Biden. They have also pointed out that the vice president is still grieving over the recent loss of Beau, his oldest son.

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