11/30/2021 01:39:17 pm

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'Rush Hour' Actor Jackie Chan Plans on Retiring Soon?

The actor Jackie Chan waves to his fans

(Photo : Reuters) The actor Jackie Chan waves at his fans.

The Hong Kong Kung Fu star, Jackie Chan, declared in 2013 that he would be retiring after his "Chinese Zodiac" movie; however, he still loves to film.

Chan already planned on retiring when he was 40 but he still extended to give himself another five years and another, as it turned out. It is apparent that he truly loves the job as an actor. According to Indiewire, he wants to be remembered by people saying that he is a good actor.

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In April, he said that acting is the vessel on how he can promote his own culture and country and that it is all the best he can do. Then came "Dragon Blade." By the endorsement of his cameraman, Director Daniel Lee was contacted. After a month, they decided to research first and do a Kung Fu cops story.

For the film-making process of "Dragon Blade," they needed Caucasians in China to play Romans. They looked all over China's schools for international students to hire them and made Gobi desert the place of the shooting. He talked about filming realistic moves unlike the flying stunts in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

However, as his twilight years enter his life, it got him thinking that he could no longer do some "acrobatic" stunts, which the audience loves about all his action movies. Because in the past, when he did some stunts, he would either crack his feet and break a finger or his back in the process. Hence, he believes that Hollywood will not ever cast him with any dramatic roles if and when he retires as an action star.

According to China Daily, Chan hopes that the audience would forgive after they say that he is taking a double to do the difficult stunts for him.

Currently, he writes, produces and directs his own films and still wishes that Hollywood will truly embrace him.

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