Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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U.S., China Leaders Agree to Implement Carbon Emission Reduction in Key Cities

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(Photo : Reuters) U.S. and Chinese leaders have set ambitious carbon reduction targets during a recent climate change summit in Los Angeles.

Leaders from the U.S. and China have announced a more ambitious carbon emission reduction plan than what was expected during the summit to tackle climate change on Tuesday. Many were surprised by the accelerated target to lower greenhouse gases produced by both countries.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the State of California made a commitment to substantially lower its greenhouse gas emissions come 2050. Meanwhile, Seattle is aiming to eliminate carbon emissions in the city by that time.

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Many, however, have voiced doubts on weather the two countries can achieve their latest targets. The U.S. and China are among the top countries that contribute much of the carbon emissions produced globally.

Since both sides publicly announced their carbon emission target, the U.S. and China are now bound to fulfill that promise, according to Brian Deese, the presidential advisor on climate change.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has reportedly agreed that both Beijing and Guangzhou will commence the reduction of carbon emissions in the span of five years.

Several other cities and provinces in China are also included in the planned carbon emission reduction. American analysts believe that those included in the agreement contribute around 25 percent of the total greenhouse gases produced in China's urban area.

The mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti hosted the climate change summit attended by both local government leaders and representatives from the U.S. and China.

The Chinese capital of Beijing and the U.S. city of Los Angeles have agreed to share information that can further reduce the amount of carbon emissions in their locale. Los Angeles also made a similar deal with Shenzhen, another major city in China.

President Obama's support for the local government leaders summit is seen as a tacit admission that the campaign to reduce carbon emission is most effective if cities and states are given an active role. Obama is urging more American mayors to join the global climate change movement that includes various local government units from around the world.

Both U.S. and Chinese leaders are expected to set the tone for the upcoming global climate change summit which will be held in Paris almost three months from now.

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