11/30/2021 12:36:27 pm

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China Plans to Build its Own Secure Smartphones, Computers

China Plans to Build its Own Secure Smartphones, Computers

(Photo : Getty Images) The Chinese government is reportedly looking at the possibility of developing its own smartphones and computer hardwares and softwares to cut out any possibility of foreign surveillance.

As part of its strategy to evade strict surveillance programs imposed by other countries, the Chinese government is planning to create its own secure brand of smartphones. The project will be a collaboration between state-owned companies and technology firms based in China.

The forayof the Chinese government into the field of smartphone technology will cut off tech companies based outside of the country. This is to make sure that all devices developed by the project will be free from possible surveillance systems clandestinely installed on hardware made by foreign companies, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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The Chinese government has long complained about the almost monopolistic command of the United States over smartphone operating systems and processors - the two smartphone components most vulnerable to hacking.

Currently, China is the world's largest smartphone market. However, almost all smartphones used in the country run on either Apple iOS operating system or Google's Android platform - both are US companies.

China's bid to isolate itself in terms of smartphone hardware and software development was partly fueled by the revelations of former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. According to Snowden, the NSA has placed backdoor surveillance systems in some American tech hardwares that are being sold overseas.

Some major Chinese tech companies have already shown support for the new proposal of the Chinese government. Among these companies are Alibaba, Coolpad Group, Qihoo 360 Technology, Spreadtrum and ZTE.

Reports indicate that the Chinese government has been steadily working on its own semiconductor project. The government has set up a multibillion-dollar fund to accelerate the research and development of microprocessors. China is also developing its own high-end servers in order to shift its computer systems into locally made hardware. In terms of software development, China is yet to reach the level of Microsoft Windows or Google Android. However, the country said that it is working on its own domestically developed operating system, according to Patently Apple.

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