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New Huawei Watch Models to be Released in Early 2016

New Huawei Watch Models to Land in Early 2016

(Photo : YouTube) There are rumors that Huawei will reveal new smart watch models as soon as January 2016.

New Huawei smart watch models will be available in January next year. Huawei Watch was arguably the sleekest addition to the Android Wearable family this year and there are speculations that the Chinese company is prepping more editions.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer company excited gadgets enthusiast by showing its best-looking smart watches this year. According to the company, fans of its wearables should expect more from surprises next year.

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There are rumors that the company will reveal new smart watch models as soon as January 2016.

The Chinese tech giant is expected to also unveil a new model of its smart watch specifically for women next year at CES. The new model is designed with a more feminine style and an elegant new casing. Fans of Huawei's wearables are not expecting any drastic changes to the design, but instead they want a small tweaks to appeal to a new audience.

Early this year, Huawei unveiled its stand-alone smart watch with a built-in cellular chip (so that users can make and take phone calls using the watch), which is similar to LG's cancelled Watch Urbane 2. But, according to the company, the device is still in the early stage of its development and there is a possibility that the device may never make it to the market.  However, if this device will have an official launch, the company will likely include some upgraded specs to compensate for the extra power it will require.

Meawhile, Huawei's competitor Samsung Gear S and Samsung Gear S2, which is powered by Tizen technology, offers similar features. The LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE was going to be the first Android Wear watch with cellular connectivity.  However, LG encountered issues during the development and decided to cancel the release of the device.

The CES 2016 expo will take place in Las Vegas next month from Jan. 6 until Jan. 9.

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