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Digital Guitar Helps Amateurs Play Like Pros in Minutes

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(Photo : Rick Diamond/Getty Images for ACM) Magic Instruments' new digital guitar (not pictured) turns amateurs into rockstars in minutes.

Learning to play a traditional guitar requires hundreds to thousands of hours if one wants to attain a level of proficiency and excellence with the instrument. A new digital guitar, however, is designed to help hopeful musicians or music lovers simply play tunes in minutes.

Magic Instruments’ digital guitar is a digital music instrument that anyone can just pick up and play within a matter of minutes. While it does not help in learning to play a real traditional guitar, it does help in making people enjoy music.

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The MI guitar works differently from traditional guitars in that chords are simply attained by the push of a button. Traditional guitars require several fingers placed in specific frets and strings to produce chords. The MI guitar, on the other hand, has all the chords situated on the fret board via buttons: one has to press just one specific button to access a certain chord.

Magic Instruments even simplified the chording system: users can set the MI guitar to any key or scale preferred. The MI guitar offers one-finger accessibility to the most commonly played chords in the set key and scale, including major, minor, power, suspended and seventh chords. Playing the chord can be done by strumming or picking on the strings, just like a traditional guitar.

“It’s like having an entire chord encyclopedia at the touch of your fingers,” Magic Instruments said on its crowdfunding page.

The MI guitar even looks the part, somewhat resembling Gibson’s Les Paul electric guitar. Users can also attach a strap just like any guitar, and play it like a rockstar (or a newbie). For those that worry about how it looks or how big it is, no need to fear as it would not be mistaken for a Guitar Hero/Rock Band controller.

The MI guitar is made of plastic and has built-in speakers that allow for standalone playing whether inside the room or out on the beach. It can be powered by either an AC adapter or 8 pcs. AA batteries, which will give it about 3-6 hours of portable use.

It is priced starting at $299 on Indiegogo and is scheduled for delivery during the first quarter of 2017.

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