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Michelle Yeoh and Fiancé Returns to Hong Kong Following Nepal Earthquake

Malaysian Chinese actress and director Michelle Yeoh and her fiancé, Jean Todt, who were vacationing in Nepal, safely escaped the 7.9 magnitude earthquake, and are back in their Hong Kong home.

Singer Kim Woo Joo Sentenced to 1 Year in Jail After Faking Mental Illness to Evade Military Service

South Korean singer Kim Woo Joo is sentenced to one year in jail after he faked mental illness to avoid the country’s mandatory military service.

Alvin Chau’s Wife Posted Rants on Facebook Allegedly Directed to Mandy Lieu

Mainland Chinese casino tycoon Alvin Chau’s wife, Heidi Chan, posted rant messages on her Facebook page which are speculated to be directed to the former’s lover, Hong Kong model Mandy Lieu.

Fans Bash ‘Gag Concert’ After the Show Censored JYJ’s Kim Junsu’s Name on Latest Episode

Korean boy group JYJ member Kim Junsu’s fans reacted violently and demanded for ‘Gag Concert’ to apologize after the variety show allegedly censored the idol’s name on its latest episode.

Tao Leaves Fans Confused About His Status in EXO; Confirmed to be Attending Fan-Hosted Birthday Event in China

South Korean Chinese boy group EXO’s Chinese member Huang Zi Tao, more popularly known among their fans as Tao, posted a vague message which says, “I’m sorry. Grateful,” on his official Weibo page, leaving fans confused about his status with EXO.

Remaining Members of Ladies’ Code Returns to Normal Routine; No Comeback Schedules for Ladies’ Code Yet

The three remaining members of the Korean girl group Ladies’ Code, albeit still shaken from the tragedy that struck them in September last year which caused the death of two of their members, returned to their normal routines.

EXO’s Suho Speculated to Have Joined Instagram

EXO’s leader Kim Junmyeon, more popularly known with his stage name ‘Suho’ among fans, apparently opens his own Instagram account following the footsteps of the other members of the group.

EXO Breaks Their Own Record by Bagging their 15th Win on MTV’s ‘The Show’

South Korean Chinese boy group EXO breaks their own record by taking their 15th music show award for their song ‘Call Me Baby’ on the recent episode of MTV’s ‘The Show’.

Korean Entertainer Kim Na Young Ties the Knot with Non-Showbiz Husband in Private Ceremony Held in Jeju Island

South Korean entertainer Kim Na Young and her fiancé held a secret wedding ceremony in Jeju Island on April 27, Monday, surprising her fans.

EXO Members Rumored to be Bullying Tao

Rumors that Tao is being bullied by his fellow EXO members surfaced after some netizens dug up old photos of him interacting with them, leading to speculations that his injury is not the only reason why he will allegedly leave the band.

Korean American Entertainer Amy to Be Deported from SoKor

After being proven to be abusing drugs in several incidents, Korean American entertainer Amy is sentenced for deportation and will be leaving South Korea some time soon.

RUMOR: Jessica Jung to Make TV Comeback Through Chinese Variety Show

Rumor has it that Jessica Jung will be making her comeback on the small screen, the first one since being axed from South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation.

Etta Ng Refuses to Come Home After Another Conflict with Elaine Ng

Elaine Ng’s teenage daughter, Etta Ng, refuses to come home and sought help from school again following an alleged heated argument between the mother and daughter.

Tiffany Hsu Responds to Issues About Breakup with Ethan Ruan

Italian-Taiwanese model and actress Tiffany Hsu addressed the issues surrounding her breakup with Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan, admitting that they have broken up and that she ‘needed some time alone’.

China Producer Gao Xiao Song Drops Clues About Wu Yi Fan's Solo Album; Wu to Attend 2015 NY Met Ball

Mainland Chinese producer Gao Xiao Song drops hints about Wu Yi Fan’s upcoming solo album on his Weibo page, revealing that the project would include some English songs.

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