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Beijing Telecom Tower

China Blames US For Threatening To Ban China Telecom

China has publicly condemned the United States' move to bar Chinese telecommunications provider China Telecom from serving the US market.


Taiwan's Energy Bureau to Include Cinemas in AC Standard Temperature

A trial program that will require movie theaters in Taiwan to follow a minimum air conditioning temperature will soon roll out sometime in May that will be expected to turn into a permanent legal regulation in 2018

No go

China to Completely Ban K-Pop and Korean Entertainment in Retaliation for THAAD

A de facto ban on South Korean entertainers has been in place since late 2016, however.

South Korean singer Psy attends the Award Ceremony of Fashion Galaxy on February 29, 2016 in Beijing, China.

Psy, iKON, and MONSTA X Edited Out From Chinese Dance Survival Program Amid Ban on Korean stars

Several K-Pop artists have been edited out of another Chinese television series amid mounting tensions between China and South Korea.


China Crack Down on News Websites; Bans Them From Publishing Unverified Reports

Online media websites that publish news reports based on content derived from unverified sources like social media are required to confirm the sources before they go live, said China's Internet regulator on Sunday (July 3).

AIDS Emerges From Behind The Veil In Pakistan

Pakistan Bans all Advertisements Related to Condoms, Says it Incites Curiosity Among Children

Pakistan's media regulator has announced a ban on all advertisements related to condoms and contraceptives in general on prime time television as well as radio. Authorities feel that the promotion of these products incites curiosity among children.

China Bans  All Foreign Firms From Publishing Online

China Bans all Foreign Firms From Publishing Online

China, in an effort to minimize Western influence, has banned all foreign firms from publishing online in the mainland, according to new rules issued this week.


Chinese Authorities To Ban Christian Churches’ Rooftop Crosses

Chinese authorities in eastern province of Zheijiang had proposed a ban on placement of crosses atop Protestant and Catholic churches. The proposal, once approved, would give Chinese authorities in the province legal ground to remove rooftop crosses of the churches of Protestants and the Catholics.

Bose Headphones

Apple Gives Bose the Boot for Beats

Apple, which now owns Beats Electronics, has stopped selling Bose headphones and speakers, and they are no longer available at retail locations and the Apple Online Store.

Melbourne Sporting Precinct, Victoria, Australia

Victorian Ban on MMA may be Lifted After Upcoming Elections

According to the current polls, a change is indicated in the government of Victoria, which could pave the way for a potential Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) card and even a title fight in Melbourne, Australia.

China Bans Law-Breaking Stars From Movie, TV Screens

China's media regulator State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has banned local celebrities, who have been involved in drugs, prostitution, or other law-breaking actions, from appearing on Chinese television, movie screens, or other forms of broadcast.

Actor Kai Ko was given 14 days detention for using drugs in his home.

China Bans Stars Who Use Drugs, Prostitutes

In a move that would likely put most of Hollywood out of work if implemented in the U.S., China has ordered entertainment companies to stop hiring stars who use drugs or visit prostitutes.

Pork Industry in China

Chinese Companies Receive Permit to Export Meat to Russia Following Lift of 10-Year Ban

After passing a thorough evaluation, two of China’s Henan Shuanghui Investment and Development Co. subsidiaries received authorization to export frozen pork to Russia following a 10-year ban in Chinese pork imports.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin

Russia Promises to Boost Non-West Cooperation In Wake Of Sanctions

Russia plans to develop stronger bonds with other countries despite the sanctions of the West, a spokesman said.

Symantec Headquarters

Symantec Says its Products are Still Allowed in China

Beijing is aiming to promote the use of domestic information technology software.

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