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Stretched to the Limit

French PM: Europe Cannot Continue to Take in so Many Refugees

Europe can no longer provide sanctuary for vast numbers of refugees fleeing the on-going conflict in the Middle East, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has been quoted saying on Wednesday.

Grisly Discovery Made of Multiple Dead Babies in German Apartment

Grisly Discovery Made of Multiple Dead Babies in German Woman's Apartment

After finding the corpses of seven or eight newborns in a residence in the small German town of Wallenfels, police are searching for a 45-year-old woman, identified only as Andrea G, who they think may be the mother.

Treasure Hunters Begin Test On Buried Nazi Train

Treasure Hunters Begin Tests on Site of Rumored Buried Nazi Gold-Packed Train

Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter, two treasure hunters, initiated comprehensive tests on Tuesday in order to obtain clearer visual of the rumored buried Nazi train on a Polish hillside, according to CNBC News.

‘ProtonMail’ Paid Hackers After a Huge  DDoS Attack

‘ProtonMail’ Paid Hackers After Huge DDoS Attack - But Hacking Has Not Stopped

Encrypted email service provider ProtonMail has reportedly been forced to pay 15 bitcoins (the equivalent of $6,000) to hackers after they successfully accessed the company's database.

Hilary Clinton Private Email Server Hacking Attempts

Chinese, South Korean and German Hackers Attacked Hillary Clinton's Private Email Server: Report

Hackers from China, South Korea and Germany targeted the private email server used by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state, according to a congressional report published by Associated Press.

 (R-L) Avengers Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans (Captain America), Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) and Jeremy Renner (Hawk Eye)

Hulk To Appear in 'Captain America: Civil War?' Mark Ruffalo Confirms In Interview; Actor Spotted In Germany Near Sequel’s Filming Set!

Recent rumors and spoilers about "Captain America: Civil War" have alleged revelations about the cast and even their respective allegiances (Team Cap or Team Iron Man).

Pep Guardiola

Football News And Rumors: Manchester City Prepared To Pay £100million To Land Pep Guardiola

The Catalan lagend's contract with Bayern Munich expires next summer and Man City is keen on snapping him up.

Actor Shia LaBeouf seen in a heated argument with girlfriend Mia Goth in Germany.

Shia LaBeouf Argument With Girlfriend Mia Goth: ‘I Would Have Killed Her’

An amateur video caught Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf in a heated argument with his girlfriend Mia Goth in Germany.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Preliminary Draw (Europe)

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Preliminary Draw Resutls & Updates: Europe

52 teams from Europe were drawn into nine groups ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Rafael Nadal

Tennis News: Rafael Nadal To Make Debut In Hamburg Claycourt Event After Wimbledon Upset

Rafael Nadal will play at the Bet-at-Home Open for the first time in the last seven years.

Lukas Podolski

Arsenal Transfer Rumors: Lukas Podolski Thinks Playing for Internazionale Big Mistake

Germany forward Lukas Podolski was a highly rated football player coming from Bundesliga at the time he joined Arsenal in 2012, but unfortunately in the sport of football, things can change in a snap of a finger.


G7 to End Fossil Fuel Reliance Before the Century Ends

On June 7, 2015, the leaders of the world’s wealthiest nations called for a global phase-out of fossil fuels at the latest G7 Summit in Elmau, Germany.

WWII bomb forces Cologne evacuation

WW2 Bomb Discovery in Germany Prompts Evacuation of 20,000 People

About 20,000 people were evacuated in the German city of Cologne's after an approximately 70-year-old bomb was found in the city.

Electroluminescent Printing Process

New 3D Printing Process Enables Objects to Glow in the Dark

Unlike traditional methods, the new printing process enables manufacturers to directly print electroluminescent (EL) foils onto 3D objects.

Fraunhofer SIT

New Open-source Encryption Software is Practically Uncrackable

Fraunhofer SIT has developed an open-source encryption software designed for both businesses and ordinary users.

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