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Uber Will Pay for Taxi Driving Licenses in Germany

Germany classifies Uberpop and Uber X as taxi services despite Uber claiming it's ridesharing.

Artificial Hand

New Artificial Muscle Technology Could Give Robots Flexible Hands

German engineers are working on an artificial hand capable of performing extremely precise hand movements.

File photo of China's military weapons

China Now The World's Third Biggest Arms Exporter; Outranks Germany

China has overtaken Germany in the global ranking of countries with biggest arms exports, after Chinese exports of weapons registered an increase of 143 percent.

 Snowden at CeBIT 2015

Spies are Targeting IT Professionals, Says Snowden

Snowden explained that encryption is the best way to protect private information.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) waves to supporters at party headquarters in Tel Aviv March 18, 2015.

German Lawmakers Hail Netanyahu Poll Win Yet Worried About His Pronouncements

Members of the German Parliament hailed the election victory of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but at the same time, they express concern over his warning against the Arab voters on the eve of the polls, and his rejection of the Palestinian State.

ZTE CeBIT 2015

ZTE Announces Three New European Partners at the CeBIT 2015

ZTE held a signing ceremony with its new partners and had also discussed the company’s win-win philosophy during a conference.

Xiaomi CeBIT 2015

Xiaomi Eyes Europe and Beyond for Market Expansion

Xiaomi plans to sell its smartphones and smart home products in Europe and other regions in the world.

Jack Ma CeBIT 2015

Alibaba Shows off 'Pay with a Smile' Technology at the CeBIT 2015

Users of the new payment system will have the ability to purchase items online by scanning their faces for secure transactions.

Angela Merkel

Merkel Describes Germany-China IT Partnership As A 'Natural Choice'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel described as a 'natural choice' the partnership of Germany and China in trade and in developing sophisticated techologies, in her speech at a major IT business fair she opened in Hanover, with the participation of China.

Robochop by Code_n

Introducing Robot Artist 'RoboChop' and the Geo-Aware tado° Smartphone App

Code_n and tado° are unveiling their technologies at the ongoing CeBIT 2015 in Germany.

China CeBIT

600+ Chinese Firms to Showcase their Technologies at CeBIT 2015 in Germany

China’s massive presence makes the country the largest and strongest partner ever seen at the CeBIT.


New Software Shows Users If Their Apps are Accessing Their Private Data

This monitoring software informs smartphone users what their apps are doing with their private information.

Niels H.

Nurse Convicted for Killing 30 Patients Gets Life Sentence

A German court has sentenced a male nurse to life in prison for killing patients with cardiovascular medication.

Ukraine Crisis

Minsk Gathering: Leaders' Last-Ditch Attempt To End Ukraine Crisis

The leaders of France, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine have met in Minsk again for a meeting that aims to end the crisis in Ukraine that has been going on for ten months now and according to reports, the war that has erupted again in early January has caused more casualties.


Intel Acquires German Network Chipmaker Lantiq

Lantiq develops semiconductor products for computer networks used by telecom companies.

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