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Nuke talks

Iran Complies with Interim Deal to Eliminate Uranium Stockpiles

Iran has lived up to its promise of eliminating its stockpile of enriched uranium gas as agreed by an interim deal with world powers negotiating with its nuclear program, United Nations nuclear watchdog said.

Nuke talks

World Powers, Iran Extend Deadline As Nuclear Talks Failed

World powers negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program have conceded it will not come up with an agreement until Sunday, extending its July 20 deadline for another four months to settle the decade-long nuclear dispute.

Riots Flood Argentina's After-Party Following 1-0 Loss to Germany

Police arrested at least 60 people in Buenos Aires, Argentina when riots broke on Sunday after Argentina lost to Germany during the World Cup 2014 finals.


Uber Gets a Lift from Germany's Monopoly Commission

There is now a plan to deregulate the country’s taxi market.

David Luiz scored the second goal of Brazil to seal their victory against Colombia

Brazil's Mr. Congeniality Speaks Unifying Language of World Cup--In Words, Deeds

With Brazil missing two players in their semifinal match against Germany, all eyes of the host nation's spectators are on David Luiz, the national team's Mr. Congeniality. Sure, he'd be wearing the captain's armband as Thiago Silva will be serving a one-game suspension after receiving a red card in Brazil's quarterfinal victory against Colombia. But more than a rallying figure, Luiz has spoken the unifying language of football, not only in words but also in deed.

German Prosecutors Open Investigation Into U.S. Surveillance of Merkel’s Phone

Chief Prosecutor Harold Range formally launched an investigation regarding the tapping of Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone on Tuesday, nearly half a year since Edward Snowden revealed that the U.S. government had been listening in on Merkel's phone conversations last October.

Robin Bird

"Electrosmog" Make Birds Get Lost in the City, Study Shows

A new study shows that birds exposed to AM waveband interference coming from urban areas lose their way.

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