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China and Russia JV Reveal Model of new Passenger Jet to Compete against Boeing and Airbus

CRAIC optimistically hopes to deliver its first plane by 2027.

More warships

India, South Korea Boosting Warship Building Programs for Indian Navy

Other Indian firms are also cooperating with South Korean shipbuilders to supply warships for the Indian Navy.

Noisy beast

China Claims to be World’s Top Builder of Nuclear Submarines

China intends to double the production of its SSBNs and SSNs in two to three years.

 New customer

Indian Shipbuilding firm RDEL to Maintain Warships of United States Seventh Fleet

The Seventh Fleet is the largest of the forward-deployed U.S. Fleets.

Bye bye, birdie.

US Army Searching for Ways to Defeat ‘Anti-Helicopter Mines’

An anti-helicopter mine is a rarely used weapon not standard issue in many armies.


Chinese Firm Issues Recall for Webcams and DVRs used as Botnets in Global DDoS Attack

"Mirai is a huge disaster for the Internet of Things," said Xiongmai.

Graphene Power

China Claims World’s First Graphene Battery for Mobile Phones

Experts said this achievement might also facilitate the development of graphene batteries for electric cars.

3D Desktop Printer

AIO Robotics Heads to China; Partners With Country's Largest Machine Tool Manufacturer

U.S. 3D printer maker AIO Robotics is making its way into China, the current largest manufacturer in the world, as it expands its business in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Meitu V4

China's Meitu to Launch new Smartphone With 21MP Front and Rear-Facing Cameras

Chinese photo-editing app maker Meitu Technology Co., Ltd. is gearing up to launch its latest smartphone in China that will feature two very powerful 21 megapixel front and rear-facing cameras.

Meizu Pro 6

Meizu Pro 6 Launched: New Smartphone with 3D Press will be Available on April 23

Chinese smartphone maker Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. has officially unveiled the Meizu Pro 6 handset in Beijing. The device is the successor to the Meizu Pro 5 that was launched back in September 2015.

Meizu Pro 6

Meizu to Unveil Pro 6 Smartphone in Beijing on April 13

Chinese electronics company Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. has announced plans to unveil the successor to last year's Meizu Pro 5 model at an event that will take place in Beijing on Apr. 13.

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