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Mahmuda Aktar's son

Babul Aktar: Wife of top Bangladeshi Official Stabbed, Shot to Death; Believed to be Revenge From Militants

Babul Aktar, a top anti-terrorism police officer in Bangladesh, lost his wife after she was shot and stabbed to death in an apparent revenge attack by militants on Sunday.

Car Bomb Targets Somali Government Minister In Mogadishu

Suicide Bomber Attacks Somali Capital, 15 Recorded Dead; Al Shabaab Claims Responsibility

A suicide car bomber crashed his vehicle into a hotel patronized by government officials and politicians in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, on Wednesday, killing 15 people.

Thousands Of Syrian Refugees Seek Shelter In Makeshift Camps In Jordan

Syrian Aid Workers Pleading for Protection From Deadly Attacks

Syrian aid workers have appealed to the international community for protection from deadly attacks as hospitals have been moved underground due to the continuous raids by militants.

Pakistan market bombing

Militants Claim Attack at a Pakistani Market That Left Shoppers Dead and Wounded

Approximately 22 people dead and 50 wounded when a bomb exploded and destroyed a marketplace in a Shiite town northwest of Pakistan on Sunday, officials said.

Boko Haram

Boko Haram Changes Tactics As Pressure Mounts

Nigerian rebel group Boko Haram seems to be changing its tactics as military and multinational security forces continue to launch intensified offensives.

Boko Haram militants

91 Killed in Latest Boko Haram Attack

Militant islamic group Boko Haram attacked villagers in CameroonThursday, shooting and burning 91 people to death.

Christmas Car Attack in France

Another Christmas Car Attack In France, Third Attack In Just Three Days

A man has again plowed a van into a Christmas market where dozens of shoppers were in the area located in Nantes in Western France on Monday and it has resulted to injuring around ten people.

Suicide Bombing In Nigerian School Kills 47l, Boko Haram Might Be Responsible

At least 47 people were reportedly killed when a suicide bombing took place outside a school located in Nigeria leaving 79 people wounded and police officials suspect Boko Haram might be responsible for the said attack.

Boko Haram abduction

Boko Haram Abductions, Attacks Persist In Nigeria Despite Ceasefire

A week-old ceasefire between militant faction Boko Haram and the Nigerian government has been shaky at best as civilian abductions and recurrent attacks by insurgents persist in the region.

FBI Agent

Three Denver Teens Attempt to Join ISIS in Syria, Raises Concerns Over 'Terror Appeal'

Three Denver teenage girls were taken into custody in Germany while on their way to Syria to join the Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant (ISIL), raising concerns over what authorities call the 'terror appeal' which preys on young people in particular.

Boko Haram militants

Boko Haram Group 'Must Be Stopped' - UK Politicians, Military Leaders

Greater effort must be exerted in order to stop the Boko Haram, the group responsible for the abduction of more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls, a letter by UK politicians and former military leaders has stated.

David Bolam

British Hostage David Bolam Freed By Libya Militants

British teacher David Bolam, who has been held hostage by militants in Libya for four months, has been released.

Former President Bill Clinton and Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton Says Daesh Strikes Will Be Supported By Americans

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said Americans are more likely to support the current administration's push for airstrikes against the Islamic State, also known as Daesh, during the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative. He said the execution of two American journalists is the straw that will lead to the support.

Abubakar Shekau

Cameroon Photo Of Dead Boko Haram Leader Draw Speculations

A grainy photo resembling Abubakas Shekau, the infamous leader of Boko Haram militant group, that Cameroon military officials released led to speculations that he has been killed in battle, but the U.S. and Nigeria deferred to comment on the photo's validity.

Syrian rebels

Obama Firm on Stand: U.S. Will Not Fight Another Ground War in Iraq

United States President Barack Obama reiterated on Wednesday that he will not be sending ground forces into Iraq, despite recommendations from senior military commanders.

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