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Pope Francis

China's underground Catholics

China Willing to Engage in Talks with Vatican but Catholics must be Patriots

China's head of religious affairs said on Tuesday that Beijing is willing to engage in dialogue with the Vatican but warned that the country's Catholics must be willing to be patriotic and adapt Catholicism to Chinese society.

All priests now have the power to forgive women who committed abortion, Pope Francis announced on his apostolic letter.

Pope Francis Extends Priests' Power to Forgive Abortions

Pope Francis Pope Francis has extended indefinitely the power of Catholic priests throughout the World to forgive abortions as the Vatican announced in an apostolic letter on Monday.

The relationship between China and Vatican are likely to become smoother as Pope Francis seeks bridge the gap.

Pope Francis Looks Forward to a Better Relationship with China

The relationship between China and Vatican are likely to become smoother as Pope Francis seeks to bridge the gap.


Duterte Regrets Expletives and Insults but Doesn’t Apologize for Them; Blames the Media

Duterte has also publicly said he wants to buy weapons from China and Russia.

Catholicism ascendant

Pope Francis and the Catholic Church Seek to Mend Ties with China

There are some 10 million Catholics in China split between communist Catholics and real Catholics.

Pope Francis Visits The Synagogue of Rome

Pope Francis Gives Recongnition to Partners of Remarried Heads of States

A new rule governing visits to Pope Francis by heads of state has been implemented by the Vatican last Feb. 27. The Pope has now begun meeting Catholic leaders from different parts of the world with irregular marriage vows (annulled or divorced) together with their partners. Prior to the new rule, heads of state married to their spouses following either a divorce or an annulment are met by the Pope first. Their spouses will be met by the Pontiff later on, usually in a separate room.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Expresses Ardent Desire to Visit China

Pope Francis' has expressed his great admiration for China, adding that he would very much like to visit the world's most populous country someday.

Pope Francis

Macau Welcomes New Bishop

Pope Francis has appointed Stephen Lee Bun-san as Macau's new bishop after his predecessor resigned due to health problems.

Pope Francis Kisses  Baby Gianna

Pope Francis' Kiss Shrinks One-Year-Old Girl's Brain Tumor

A kiss from Pope Francis seems to work like magic as a one-year-old girl's brain tumor has reportedly shrunk weeks after the pope kissed her head.

Kelly Gissendaner

State of Georgia Executes Female Death Row Inmate After Appeals Denied

A female death row inmate has been put to death on Wednesday in the state of Georgia despite legal appeals and numerous pleadings for mercy from anti-death penalty advocates, the convict's children and even Pope Francis. The last time that a female prisoner was executed in Georgia was seven decades ago.

Pope Francis U.S. Congress

Pope Francis Addresses U.S. Congress, Prods Lawmakers to Help the World's Poor

The head of the Catholic Church addressed the U.S. Congress on Thursday and prodded the lawmakers to help the world's poor with regards to immigration, climate change and various social ills plaguing the world.

Pope Francis Climate Change

Pope Francis Urges America to Take Action on Climate Change – Republicans Bent on Ignoring Call

Pope Francis has urged America to contribute more in the fight against climate change during a White House speech on Wednesday. But, a number of politicians, mostly from the Republican Party, are calling on their countrymen to ignore the Pope's message.

iPhone Devices

Pope Francis' Apostolic Journey To The US Could Hamper Delivery Of Preorders iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

Pope Francis' visit to the United States could delay the shipments of new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in Philadelphia and New York. As reported in Macrumors, Apple is currently sending emails to customers who will possibly be affected by the shipment delays. UPS and FedEx have issued service disruptions advisories due to strict and tight security measures which will be implemented during the Papal visit.

Vatican City

Vatican City Venue For Mayors, Governors To Approve Pope Francis Call For Climate Change Action

Vatican City is the center of attention this week as mayors and governors from all over the world flocked the city to show their approval of Pope Francis’ campaign against climate change. This is said to be the first ever global meeting against climate change.

Pope Francis

Vatican Recognized the State of Palestine In Its First Treaty

The Holy See said on Wednesday that the Vatican has been concluded its first treaty that formally recognized the State of Palestine. This also included an agreement on Catholic Church activities in the Palestinian Aurhority-controlled areas.

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