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Good for your DNA

Yoga and Meditation Can 'Reverse' DNA Reactions that Cause Stress

People who practice MBIs exhibit the opposite effect - namely, a decrease in production of NF-kB and cytokines

Yoga is reportedly helpful for people with abnormal heart rhythm.

Yoga Good for Patients with Abnormal Heart Rhythm, Study Suggests

A research by Swedish scientists suggests that practicing yoga can help improve patients who are suffering from an abnormal heart rhythm as well as lower heart rate and blood pressure level.

Yoga Pose

72-Year-Old Chinese Yogi Offers Yoga Lessons For Free

To promote good health and well-being, a 72-year-old yogi is offering yoga for free three times a week in Hangzhou City, in East China's Zhejiang province. Le Mingchao, 72, taught 20 students since last year.

University of Ottawa's Student Federation bans a free yoga class because of cultural issues

Concerns Over Culutral Appropriation Prompts Canadian Student Federation to Prohibit Yoga, Sombreros, Moustaches

At the University of Ottawa, a free yoga class session was cancelled due to concerns over "cultural issues." There were apparently fears that the yoga class might be interpreted as insult to the Indian culture, where the practice originally began. This move has sparked a lively debate on social media platforms.

Yoga Class

Yoga 101: How To Improve Your Mood With Some Stretching and Breathing Yoga Exercises

In a bad mood? Yoga can help you relax and take good vibes back!

Keith Mitchell leading a yoga session in the Wanderlust Festival

Three Yoga Exercises For Glowing Skin

Indulge in these yoga exercises to have healthy and glowing skin.

Yoga Class

Meditation, Yoga and Support Groups Help in Healing Breast Cancer Survivors

These activities protect the telomeres of breast cancer survivors.

Group Yoga practice recently took place at New York's Times Square.

China, U.S., Join India In Call For International Yoga Day

China, India and the U.S. have found an issue they all could agree on with the three major international players joining in a call Saturday for the institution of an international Yoga day.

Keith Mitchell leading a yoga session in the Wanderlust Festival

Ex-Pro Football Player Now Nationally Renowned Yoga Instructor

Since ex-professional linebacker Keith Mitchell of the New Orleans saints has retired from the National Football League (NFL), he has become a nationally known yoga teacher.

Yoga Class

Yoga Alleviates Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Because of yoga, the quality of life of the study's participants improved, as did their mental health, vision, walking and concentration.

Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco looks F-I-N-E Amidst Contract Dispute

Spotted! Kaley Cuoco a.k.a Penny from the 'Big Bang Theory' was seen leaving the gym after a yoga session somewhere in Los Angeles. Cuoco seems to have been working out a lot lately and it is paying off! Those abs of hers are to die for and she seems not so stressed out even if the contract dispute for the show is still ongoing.

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