12/03/2021 06:50:40 pm

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ISIS Hacking Division Unveils Hit List Of U.S. Army Personnel

ISIS threat

(Photo : Reuters / Alaa Al-Marjani) Shi'ite volunteers secure the area from predominantly Sunni militants from the Islamic State, previously called the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), in the desert region between Kerbala and Najaf, south of Baghdad, July 3, 2014.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) hacking division recently released a hit list containing the names and addresses of 100 military personnel from the United States as part of their propaganda movement.

The extremists are claiming that they obtained the information from government computers after hacking the system. They claim they released the hit list to encourage their supporters in the U.S. to attack the people listed.

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Released with the hit list is the following message: "O Kuffar [infidels] in America, O You who worship the cross, O You crusaders that fight the Islamic State, we say to you: 'DIE IN YOUR RAGE!"'

The message states that the ISIS hacking division has already made it easier for their supporters to attack those in the hit list by releasing their adresses. It goes on to prod and command ISIS supporters to "kill, behead, and stab to death" those personnel while they are walking around.

This is not the first time that the ISIS militants urged their supporters to kill people. Last year, a man named Michael Zehaf-Bibeau attacked and killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo in Ottawa.

Also, a soldier in Quebec was run over by the supporters of the extremist group. Another British soldier was beheaded in London.

The attacks are seen as a propaganda movement by the militants because they target soldiers who are in uniform. But the newly released list creates a more terrifying and threatening situation for these military personnel.

The men and women in the list were already notified by the government personally. As for the hacking, it is not yet confirmed if the government systems were indeed hacked or the information and photos of these individuals were already available in the internet.

However, the ISIS militants and their supporters proved that they can breach the system when a group called "CyberCaliphate" took over the Twitter account of the U.S. Central Command. At the time, the hackers posted messages supporting the militant group.

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