12/03/2021 05:34:28 pm

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Crazy Man Attacks Moviegoers with Ax and Pepper Spray, Shot Dead by Police


(Photo : Getty Images/Jason Davis) Investigators said that the audience were watching the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road” when Vicente David Montano suddenly doused them with pepper spray.

A mentally disturbed man attacked the audience at a Nashville movie house on Wednesday. The man was wielding an ax, a pellet pistol, and a pepper spray. Responding policemen shot the suspect, resulting in his death. 

The dead man has been identified as Vicente David Montano. He reportedly had a history of mental illness.

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Investigators said the movie "Mad Max: Fury Road" was being aired in the cinema when Montano suddenly doused members of the audience with pepper spray. The suspect was reportedly protected from the effects of the chemicals due to the fact that he was wearing a surgical mask. Montano also has two knapsacks with him.

Nashville police spokesperson Don Aaron said the suspect's mental problems may be the reason for his attack since there is no apparent motive.

The spokesperson added that Montano has been institutionalized four times in the span of three years since 2004.

Montano has a criminal record for assault in which he fought off police officers, who were trying to take him into custody. On August 3, his relatives in Texas reported to the local authorities that he was missing.

The official report indicates that Montano used his pellet pistol to shoot police officer Jonathan Frith who was the first to arrive inside the theater. Several law enforcers returned fire as Montano attempted to leave the movie house.

One witness, Sean Oliver told reporters that he heard several shots being fired.

Aside from the suspect, no one was killed or brought to a medical facility. However, at least three people were given medical attention at the scene due to pepper spray that they inhaled. One of them was also treated for a minor wound that may have been inflicted by an ax.

A bomb disposal team detonated the dead man's knapsack just in case there is a bomb inside.

This latest incident happened after two moviegoers were killed and several more were injured in a Louisiana movie house by a lone suspect who killed himself afterwards.

In 2012, another suspect in Colorado shot to death a dozen people while injuring many more who were watching the movie "Batman - The Dark Knight Rises."

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