Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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China’s Nuclear Weapon Supply to Pakistan Poses Security Threat to US and India: Senior US Congress Members Warns Obama

 US Congress members Warn Obama Over Pakistan.

(Photo : Getty Images) Two members of the U.S. Congress have voiced concerns over the fact that China is supplying Pakistan with nuclear technology and weapons.

Two senior members of the U.S. Congress have warned the Obama administration that China's supply of super sensitive nuclear weapons systems to Pakistan poses a serious security threat to the United States and Islamabad's arch rival India.  

U.S. Congress members Mike Rogers (Chairman of Sub-committee on Strategic Forces) and Ted Poe (Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Terrorism, Non-proliferation, and Trade) said that they are specifically concerned about China's supply of Transporter Erector Launcher (TEL) systems to Pakistan.

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Both Congress members cautioned that the TEL systems could offer instant mobility to Pakistan's several medium range nuclear ballistic missiles including the Shaheen III. This will raise Pakistan's ability to strike anywhere in South Asia including India.

The two senior U.S. lawmakers have asked the Obama administration to explain what concrete steps it will take to stop China from providing such lethal weapons to Pakistan. Rogers and Poe urged Obama Administration to seriously investigate the matter and impose tough sanctions on China if Beijing is found guilty of supplying the lethal weapon to Pakistan.    

The matter is already being seriously pursued by the U.S. Congress, according to sources familiar with the matter.

For almost three decades, Pakistan has been one of the largest customers of China's weapons. China has provided Pakistan with several modern military weapons such as aircrafts, missile launchers, rockets and many other items. In 2013, China announced that it would help Islamabad construct the country's first nuclear power plants in Karachi.  

India and the U.S. have been highly suspicious and critical of China's nuclear cooperation with Pakistan. Both countries have expressed concerns about the safety of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. It is feared that Islamic terrorists operating near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border may get their hands on Pakistan's nuclear weapons.                   

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