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Angry Birds

HBO teamed up with state-backed China Movie Channel to bring TV movies for Chinese audiences.

HBO Teams Up With China Movie Channel

American premium cable and satellite television provider HBO is reportedly collaborating with China Movie Channel to co-produce TV movies intended for Chinese audiences, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The video game turned movie is coming to China on May 20.

'The Angry Birds Movie' Flies to China on May 20

The videogame-based film The Angry Birds Movie is scheduled to debut in China on May 20; getting a simultaneous screening with the United States.

ReFlex is the First Prototype Flexible Smartphone With 720p Flexible LG OLED Display

ReFlex is the First Prototype Flexible Smartphone With 720p Flexible LG OLED Display

LG ReFlex is a prototype flexible smartphone from Queens University that is tantalizingly close to what we have been waiting for - a futuristic, paper-like display.

Angry Birds 2

'Angry Birds 2': New Game, New Features; Why The Name Is Still Inspired By The Predecessor?

The long awaited "Angry Birds 2" app was released at the end of July, 2015. The eighth sequel to the pull and fling formula was preceded by "Seasons", "Rio", "Space", "Friends", "Slingshot Stella" and the two Star War games, that sprang up shortly after the original game.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds Movie Boasts Star-Studded Cast

Jason Sudeikis, Maya Rudolph and Peter Dinklage would be shaken their [literal] tail feathers as they join the cast of the upcoming movie adaptation of the famous game, Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Transformers

Rovio to Launch Angry Birds Transformers Mash-Up this October

Angry Birds will have a Transformers version and it will be an explosive game.


10 Great iPhone and iPad Games

There are a lot of great games running on the iOS and here are a few of them.

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