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ReFlex is the First Prototype Flexible Smartphone With 720p Flexible LG OLED Display

ReFlex is the First Prototype Flexible Smartphone With 720p Flexible LG OLED Display

(Photo : YouTube) LG ReFlex smartphone is expected to be available in the market in about five years.

LG ReFlex is a prototype flexible smartphone from Queens University that is tantalizingly close to what we have been waiting for - a futuristic, paper-like display.

The team built the device with a 720p flexible LG OLED display to bend the sensors and haptic feedback motors. Android 4.4 is powering the device with complete custom drivers that are placed in the non-flexible part beside the display. If the device is bent, it will flip through the pages of an e-book and/or comic book. The more the user bends it, the faster it flips.

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The user can also play Angry Birds as an example. The device is bent to slingshot a bird with the rubber bend stretching tighter as the user flexes it. The voice-coil haptic motors give the feeling of pages flipping or the Angry Birds slingshot stretching out for a launch. This vibration feedback simulates physical object interaction that is like the feeling of bending a rubber band or twig.

According to Queens Media Lab directory Roel Vertegaal, eyes-free navigation is also possible for easy access and to keep track of where the user is in a certain document. The first flexible prototype display was PaperWIndows, which was created 12 years ago.

The flexible OLED display is similar to some of the rollable tech screens seen at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 last January. ReFlex is the first flexible phone that combines bend input with the standard multitouch capabilities wherein the touch interaction is used just like a typical smartphone and certain apps interact by bending the phone.

ReFlex detects bending input using a strain gauge indicator to measure how much strain is being put on the flexible screen. It receives over 4000 data points to do things similar to controlling a cursor. It was unveiled as a prototype device at the Conference on Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interaction in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, on February 17 and will be on the market in the market within five years.

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