Chinatopix is a digital news publication that covers the latest China-oriented news to the global English speaking audience.

Chinatopix covers daily comprehensive news in the areas of China Politics, Business, Society, Technology, Science, Sports, Entertainmnet, and Culture. The vision is to provide the latest and the most China-oriented news, and to paint a truly unbiased and real China to the readers.

Chinatopix is a YIBADA Group company, based in New York City. Chinatopix is owned by YIBADA Inc.

Founder & CEO

Winnie Wong

Winnie Wong (winniew@yibada.com)

Winnie Wong is the founder and CEO of the Yibada Group, a New York based digital media company with the vision to connect with all the global Chinese community. Winnie started the company in 2006 after completing her Economics degree at University of Sydney.

Winnie grew up in Hong Kong and then moved to Australia since 1996. During her 9 years' life in Australia, Winnie deeply experienced all the possible chanllenges that Chinese might face in a foreign country. With this urgency and understanding, Winnie started Yibada Group (including yibada.com, en.yibada.com, chinatopix.com) in United States. Winnie sincerely wishes to help all the Chinese to set up a great platform to serve and strengthen the Chinese people all over the world. The sites can open a door for all those who want to know China and connect with Chinese people especially the Chinese who are not born in China).

In her free time, Winnie enjoys reading, running, swimming and climbing.

Editor’s Pick

China to Increase Non-Fossil Fuel Consumption to 20% by 2030

China wants its non-fossil fuels to account for around 20 percent of its total energy consumption, increasing by over half of the current demand by 2050, the country's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said on Tuesday. read more

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